Nearabl adopts the Bentley iTwin platform to expand infrastructure deployments
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Nearabl adopts the Bentley iTwin platform to expand infrastructure deployments

Nearabl adopts the Bentley iTwin platform to expand infrastructure deployments

Today, Nearabl Inc., the metaverse of accessibility company, announced a partnership with Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the infrastructure engineering software company, to expand the use of its technology within the global infrastructure, construction, and design industries.

The company is now an iTwin Premier Partner, and its Nearabl app has achieved the “Powered by iTwin” designation.

Infrastructure projects, beginning at the construction stage, are now able to edit work orders based on iTwin data and visualize that content on-site via Nearabl’s Augmented Reality iOS mobile application as digital signage. Additionally, Nearabl’s indoor navigation technology integration enables iTwin users to achieve real-time occupancy monitoring of their infrastructure, supporting overall digital twin AI wisdom.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership! It is a gigantic step towards establishing our imprint on the infrastructure market. As an academic spin-out, integrating with Bentley’s open-source digital twin technology was a no-brainer for many reasons,” said Arber Ruci, CEO and Co-founder at Nearabl, Inc. “Where we found the most value was in familiarity and ease of use for our end-users — we launched as a mobile-first application to great initial early reviews of our mobile visualization but soon enough we realized that our end users were much more comfortable editing and changing Nearabl mobile content on an iTwin desktop/web interface. We quickly integrated the process and have been deploying it in some cool places.”

“We are delighted to have Nearabl, Inc. add their Nearabl iOS application to the Powered by iTwin program,” said Sheena Gaynes, Director, Business Development, iTwin Platform, at Bentley Systems. “In doing so, Nearabl joins the growing ecosystem of software developers enabling digital twin solutions with the Bentley iTwin platform. Nearabl is a great example of how BIM and augmented reality (AR) can be combined and visualized in a mobile app to improve the safety and productivity of construction teams.”

When combined with digital twin technology, Nearabl’s world-class indoor navigation accuracy and augmented reality visualization lays the groundwork for a built-world metaverse, creating the potential for significant innovation in the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure around the world.

Nearabl is a wayfinding and navigation tool that allows users to view accurate digital indoor maps and signage, record new paths and points of interest, and expand access to physical experiences. Easy to use, affordable, and customizable, the company’s technology has been deployed to serve diverse audiences, including, construction site managers, digital tourists, people with low vision and metaverse enthusiasts.

Nearabl’s technology is the work of 25 world-class researchers in advanced robotics, computer vision and mixed reality. Born out of a university-backed research center, Nearabl has leveraged New York State’s robust innovation ecosystem to accelerate its growth and continuously enhance its technology.

Nearabl adopts the Bentley iTwin platform to expand infrastructure deployments

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