Esri to provide Malta with GIS Technology and Training

Esri to provide Malta with GIS Technology and Training

Esri to provide Malta with GIS Technology and Training

In 1990, the government of Malta formed the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) with a mission to manage the implementation of public IT programs; since then, the agency has sought to increase the digital transformation of the country’s government service delivery infrastructure.

To support this goal, MITA has signed an enterprise agreement with Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, to specifically enhance MITA’s geographic information system (GIS) capabilities. The three-year agreement will provide Esri software, professional services, and technical support to MITA and 22 other agencies across the Maltese government.

The agreement will enable existing GIS users in Malta, including agencies for planning, public works, and transportation, to enhance their activities and services with the latest geospatial capabilities from Esri. Additionally, agencies such as health, communications, and infrastructure organizations that don’t currently benefit from enterprise GIS now have access to world-leading tools and applications for spatial data visualization and analysis.

“The agreement that MITA has signed on behalf of the government of Malta directly with Esri will facilitate flexible access to the latest Esri technology and services,” said Inġ.Emanuel Darmanin, CEO of MITA. “It provides the opportunity for further growth in the use of GIS capabilities to support current and future strategic geospatial initiatives.”

Bringing all government agencies onto a common system will make data sharing, multiagency decision-making, and community engagement more efficient. And with comprehensive geographic insights and tools, Malta will be able to more effectively provide services that enrich its communities’ quality of life, as well as increase growth opportunities for businesses and individuals. Esri will also support academia in the country by making GIS technology and training accessible to schools and universities.

“We are pleased and honored to be partnering with MITA to make Esri’s ArcGIS system and related training and services available on a broad scale in Malta,” said Richard Budden, Esri’s deputy general manager for the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia region. “We look forward to helping the Maltese government further expand its existing geospatial capabilities and skills over the coming three years.”

The agreement also simplifies software licensing and procurement for MITA and associated government agencies. Esri and MITA will coordinate GIS user events and provide industry and technology briefings throughout the term of the agreement.

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