Top interior design trends of 2023

Top interior design trends of 2023

Top interior design trends of 2023

To this day, interior designers and magazine editors look forward to making their annual predictions about what homeowners will embrace in terms of home décor.

As we’re slowly tackling this year, it’s also time to name the top interior design trends that are emerging in 2023. This year, the design has settled into a familiar routine, with current fads that will last the distance, a few throwbacks, and the unwavering strength of timeless classics. With so many options, you may furnish your home in a way that’s not only chic now but will age gracefully as well. That’s why we’ve consulted experts from a leading real estate blog, and here are this year’s best interior design trends so far.

Interior design trends that marked 2023

Interior design is becoming less about following trends and more about expressing one’s unique identity. The distinctions between different styles are blurring rather than individual trends dying out. The aesthetic movements of minimalism and maximalism are prime examples of this. Customers now have more leeway to develop their own hybrid of the two strategies as the boundaries between them blur. As a result, people are taking a more sophisticated and individualized approach to interiors.

Person reading a magazine while sitting on a bed
Before you start remodeling your home, it’s worth researching the top interior design trends of 2023 and getting some inspiration.

Despite our desire for originality, several design trends emerged during this year. We seem to be seeking comfort in routine more than ever after more than two years of turmoil. Our homes have become havens where we may relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover our appreciation for the beauty of colour. So before you jump to make a step-by-step plan and start organizing your home renovation, here are the top interior design trends of 2023 to inspire you.

#1 Biophilic interior design

Biophilic design, which was named a top trend in the 2023 Pinterest Predicts report, uses natural materials, colours, and (of course) plants to simulate the experience of being outdoors inside the home. Instead of just keeping plants in pots on a windowsill, plant parents are getting creative by covering entire walls with vegetation and creating one-of-a-kind plant creations that dangle from the ceiling.

This movement toward a more natural lifestyle has its origins in our biological makeup. Natural resources have always been a source of survival for humans. Colours, textures, and patterns that we have formed associations that provide us with subliminal comfort. Therefore, it’s no wonder that over the past couple of years, an increasing number of homeowners have been opting for open-concept layouts that extend the living space out into the backyard, complete with full outdoor kitchens and multiple seating areas. Now the outside is having an effect on the inside.

#2 Mixing new and vintage

More and more homeowners are opting to mix antiques and old items with newer designs rather than buying brand-new furniture. Just add a dash of nostalgia, and that’s all it takes to make your house feel like a home again. Using antiques and vintage furniture not only helps the environment because you are recycling old things but also creates a striking contrast between the old and the new.

In light of recent supply chain issues and lengthy backorders, vintage shopping has become increasingly appealing. So if you want to enrich your space with some retro pieces, visit local antique stores, fairs, and markets. You can easily make your home look like one of the celebrity homes.

#3 Curved lines instead of geometrical shapes

Angular, geometric designs, once prevalent in furniture, patterns, and architecture, give way to softer, wavier lines. Pinterest’s trend forecast report for 2023 highlighted curves, citing substantial increases in search interest for curved walls and living room couches over the past year.

Bird's eye view of a right corner of a yellow sofa with a blue and white pillow on it
Interior designers agree that curved lines are one of the biggest interior design trends of 2023.

A recent trend seen in furniture collections at many stores is the use of rounded corners, soft curves, and arcs. The reason for this is that we all want to feel safe and secure in these uncertain times, and rounded shapes and curves have a natural tendency to be more comforting to the eye than sharp angles and straight lines. In the wake of the global health crisis and economic strain, people are looking for comfort in the furnishings, lighting, and fabrics they come into contact with every day.

#4 Go green (literally)

When it comes to the most popular colours in interior design in 2023, green definitely takes the win. According to designers, this luscious shade is quickly becoming more popular than blue as a home decoration choice. To explain this sudden preference for green, they emphasize that the colour is a calming reminder of the outdoors and our yearning for a connection with nature. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to relocate many inside events to the great outdoors; now, we’re bringing the outdoors back in.

So if you want to give your home a fresh new look as well as make it trendy, add plants everywhere or enrich your space with accessories in your favorite shades of green. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, you could even go with painting a wall or even an entire room green. Do be careful and make sure your belongings are protected while the work is in progress. The safest way to go is to listen to the word of advice from the experienced Verified Movers team and rent a storage unit.

#5 Mix of textures

The current fashion trend for layering and textured fabrics has also permeated the interior design world. In fact, texture has been cited more than any other 2023 home design trend so far. This year is all about the soft, fuzzy, and warm.  Lime washing and faux plaster paints are just two examples of the many new ways walls can be given a unique texture. Incorporating raw wood, natural stone, leather, and metal into your furnishings and accessories, as well as highly textured fabrics like bouclé, will help you achieve a warm and inviting layered aesthetic.

Large living room with a fireplace and a sofa with two chairs and a coffee table in the middle
Nowadays, most people choose relaxed and casual designs rather than formal ones

Wrapping up

We hope that the interior design trends of 2023 we’ve selected for you in this article inspired you to add style to your home that will not only look great now but gorgeous and trendy for years to come.

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