Drive from London to America on a 12,400 mile highway!
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Drive from London to America on a 12,400 mile highway!

Drive from London to America on a 12,400 mile highway!

Russians think big and this ambitious proposal would create the world’s longest highway.

The route would start in Britain, pass through the Channel Tunnel, aim for Berlin, then Moscow, then through the Russian interior to Yekaterinburg in Central Russia and then to Uelen where a bridge would span the Bering Straits to join Alaska and connect to the US road network.

In combination with the superhighway, a rail network and oil and gas pipelines are proposed along the route.

The plan would bring billions of dollars into Russia, boosting its economy and driving tourism throughout the country.

Vladimir Yakunin, head of railways in Russia has presented the idea to Premier Vladimir Putin who is studying the proposal. Yakunin said: “This is an inter-state, inter-civilization, project. The project should be turned into a world future zone.”

The Russian Academy of Science has stated that the plan is very ambitious and very expensive with many benefits that include connecting and opening up the vast rural Russian landscape with the latest technologies, access to natural resources, new energy resources and social programs.

Constructing the highway would take many years and be a real boost for both the European and Russian highways industries.

No timescales have yet been announced.

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