Moscow lays 8,000 tons of asphalt in one continuous layer
Photo Credit To RT

Moscow lays 8,000 tons of asphalt in one continuous layer

While Moscow slept a major road rehabilitation project took place in May/July this year.

The first major overhaul since the 1930’s was completed when Tverskaya Street was given a new surface dressing after the old layers of asphalt concrete pavement had been removed before the asphalt was laid in a single continuous layer without joints.

Tverskaya Street was the first phase of Moscow’s roadway reconstruction program “My Street.” The works programme includes reconstruction of roads, renovation of facades and increasing the lighting across the city.

The head of GBU Highways, Alexander Oreshkin, said “about eight thousand tons of special mixture was required in the paving process. Due to the use of latest technology in asphalt paving, the street surface is now expected to last much longer without the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.”

The video by Nikolay Rykov & Dmitry Chistoprudov shows the operation using time-lapse photography to show the organisation and planning that went into the operation with 244 pieces of highway construction equipment being used to pave the main continuous sections, including 170 trucks.

Post source : RT

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