Tanzania’s Magole to Turiani Highway will be completed on time
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Tanzania’s Magole to Turiani Highway will be completed on time

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has announced that the long awaited Magole to Turiani highway in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania will be completed on time by September 2017.

This comes barely a week after The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) raised concerns on how the project was being handled and asked for assurances that the project will be delivered on time.

Magole to Turiani
CCECC is the main contractor of the 50 Km road project

The Tanzania-China Friendship Promotion Association Secretary General, Joseph Kahama said, “All we want is to see the project end on time as we are looking forward to ensure that all the projects end on time.” The association has held a series of meetings to ensure that the road project progresses and is successfully completed.

Construction of the road has been stalled several times by lack of funds. Joseph Kahama said “China and Tanzania have a shared purpose in opening up this vast country using roads. On such issues our two countries and people speak with one voice and one heart. The stretch will be completed in time when money will be availed in time too.”

Kahama further said that the Project Engineer Khatibu Khamis has assured the Morogoro Regional Commissioner Steven Kebwe that the Magole to Turiani stretch would be completed on time, and possibly before the set deadline.

Commissioner Kebwe has urged the contractor to complete the US$30.6 million project on time.

The Tanzanian Government has funded US$19.2 Million towards this project.

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