South Sudan to Ethiopia Road Link work commences
Photo Credit To Arsenie Coseac

South Sudan to Ethiopia Road Link work commences

South Sudan to Ethiopia Road Link work commences

Construction has commenced on the link road connecting South Sudan with Ethiopia with the anticipation of increased trade, and the provision of access for goods and fuel from the port of Djibouti to South Sudan.

The road will run from Boma – central South Sudan, through Bor and Dima to Raad – southern Ethiopia. The more northerly road will connect Pagak – western Ethiopia, to Gamebella and Palouge – northern South Sudan.

Transportation of goods across the two nations is a big challenge, but now the works are ongoing with some sections completed within Ethiopia. This will be available to assist in bringing food aid into the country.

Landlocked South Sudan is closely tied to Sudan for links with the rest of the world, and relies on an oil export pipeline through Sudan to Port Sudan, as its only export route, paying high transit fees to Sudan for the privilege.

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