The Magic of working in a frozen world

The Magic of working in a frozen world

The Magic of working in a frozen world

5℃ is the temperature limit of traditional road repair work, mainly because asphalt hot mix cools down too quickly under 5℃, which leads to complications in compaction the asphalt to the required density and quality.

In China, most road maintenance work sites go into hibernation in winter, but with Freetech’s hot-in-place recycling trains, provinces like Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Shanghai, etc., can keep going during those long winter months, keeping the roads maintained, the traffic flowing and the economy thriving.

Freetech hot-in-place recycling train

Freetech’s Magic Wand

Step 1: Heating-in-place to guarantee recycled material quality

Freetech applies “international leading” cyclic heating technology to ensure sufficient heating to the required depth, without burning or ageing the asphalt pavement surface.

Step 2: Assurance of compaction temperature in asphalt

The patented multi-dimensional impulse post-heater HM18 heats the recycled material effectively and efficiently, and guarantee the paving temperature is higher than 140℃.

Freetech hot-in-place recycling train


Step 3: Interlayer thermal bonding boosts shear strength under pavement surface

The heating technology from Freetech enables the surface course fully heated before paving, which realizes interlayer thermal bonding even working in winter.

Freetech hot-in-place recycling train

Snowing to -10℃

Qixia Road in Nanjing had problems of depression, cracks and ruts with 5-6 cm depth, especially in the road junctions. There were heavy snowfalls, the temperature dropped to 0℃, and strong winds prior to the repair works proved challenging. Using Freetech’s hot-in-place recycling trains the defects were repaired, leaving an improved road surface with much better anti-rutting capacity.

In Lianyungang, the road was plagued with depressions, gator cracks, and transverse and longitudinal cracking. During the repair works the temperature was close to -10℃, but this did not stop the work. Freetech repaired the road, easily meeting the acceptance criteria of thickness, compaction density, and deflection value.

Post source : Freetech Hot-in-place Co. Ltd.

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