Overcrowded Hong Kong looks at building shopping streets underground
Photo Credit To Feline DaCat

Overcrowded Hong Kong looks at building shopping streets underground

Overcrowded Hong Kong looks at building shopping streets underground

Famous for tall buildings and packed streets, Hong Kong has come up with a creative solution to their overcrowding by going underground.

Hong Kong’s Information Services Department has revealed the first two below ground shopping streets will be built in Kai Tak, where the old airport was located, and will be developed alongside adjacent development projects.

Secretary for Development in Hong Kong Paul Chan told legislators that this approach is being adopted as the major parts of the two underground streets will adjoin or run alongside various development sites.

He said it can achieve a synergy effect, and provide a comfortable and attractive shopping and walking environment.

Hong Kong MTR Underground
Hong Kong MTR. Photo by Gurmit Singh

Part of the retail floor area of the development sites will have to be connected with the underground streets where barrier-free pedestrian walkways and corridors will be sited.

The two underground streets, 1.5km in total length, will be developed in the Kai Tak Development according to an approved outline zoning plan that will link Kowloon City and San Po Kong, and connect to To Kwa Wan and Kai Tak Mass Transit Railway Stations.

Hong Kong MTR Underground Entrance
Hong Kong MTR Entrance. Photo by Feline DaCat

Mr Chan said the Government plans to implement the two below ground streets in stages to tie in with the land sale programmes of the development sites and they will impose land sale conditions requiring the developers to build, manage and operate the underground shopping streets connected with their sites.

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