Are we doing enough to future proof our roads?
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Are we doing enough to future proof our roads?

Are we doing enough to future proof our roads?

In recent times, more and more discussion has been brought forward for the discussion of roads, with the need of automated vehicles and reducing accidents to get families home safe.

Are we doing enough in preparation?

The idea of “smart roads” isn’t especially new, and in the last couple of years, in particular, we’ve seen a stack of concepts for turning our highways, byways and city streets into something more than flat, concrete. The problem with the bulk of these is that any municipality that chose to implement them would have to spend vast sums of money retrofitting roads with sensors and other gizmos, to get them ready for the automotive vehicle revolution on the horizon.

Road Accidents and Human Error

It is a widely known fact that one of the greatest causes of road deaths comes down to human error. Whether it is over-confidence, too little confidence, or illegalities, our thought process/actions can mean life or death when on the road.

With new technologies emerging to tackle this specific issue, the number of road deaths should decrease dramatically if implemented.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence within cars (or self-driving cars) is something that is being explored and will be here within our lifetime. There are five official levels of self-driving cars, ranging from no automation to full automation. Anything from level 1 up takes away various parts of human usage.

However, the automated revolution will only be as good as the surface it is driven on.

The Solution

Highly reflective markings will be at the forefront of this in order to give the car “something to read” and highly visible, clear markings will be the quickest of these to implement.

Meon have been working to develop various line marking technologies over the years. As part of our collaboration and firm belief to deliver great surfaces, Meon have partnered with 3M™ in order to supply Stamark™ permanent road marking tape and temporary variant.

The highly visible marking is ideal for clearly delineated road markings and thanks to the high adhesion of the permanent solution is long lasting and durable. The tape itself is ideal for an area where high visibility is important and is performs in night, wet and dry conditions.

For any enquiries on the 3M™ Stamark™ Road Marking Tape or to discuss highway-marking requirements you can contact Meon.

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