Bitumen Packaging 
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Bitumen Packaging 

Bitumen Packaging

Bitumen is a highly viscous liquid; therefore, it needs a suitable type of packaging to avoid leaking and contamination.

Generally, bitumen packaging classifies into three types, including Jumbo Bag, New Steel Drum and bulk.

Each packing has its own specification that you should choose according to your needs. For example, New Steel Drum has four various types which are different in height, thickness, lid and volume.

There are also two types of Jumbo Bag, discussed below.

Jumbo Bag: an environmentally friendly package

The Jumbo Bag is a flexible multi-layer bag with high quality and resistance. Many industries prefer to purchase bitumen with this type of packaging because of its ease of use and economical price.

Among other packages, Jumbo Bag reduces bitumen waste by about 3%, so it has become too popular among the bitumen traders. A positive point of Jumbo Bag is that it is an environmentally friendly package.

Jumbo Bag specifications

According to Infinity Galaxy, a Bitumen Supplier in The Middle East, there are two types of Jumbo Bag.

The first one is a bag with the capacity of 1 metric ton with dimensions of 100 cm x 107 cm x 107 cm and 100 cm in height.

There is also a cage with dimensions of 100 cm x  105 cm x 105 cm that secures the Jumbo Bag.

Another type of the Jumbo Bag is a multi-layer bag with the capacity of 250 kg, 100 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm dimensions and height of 100 cm. Its cage’s dimensions are 100 cm x 105 cm x 105 cm.

Bulk bitumen

In spite of Jumbo Bag and New Steel Drum, Bulk bitumen is unpacked and liquid. At the refinery, bulk vessels load the liquid bitumen and deliver it to the destination port. Although it has high storage charges, bulk bitumen is the cheapest packing. However, Infinity Galaxy insists on paying attention to environmental issues caused by bulk packing such as bitumen leakage while shipping.

To learn more about bulk bitumen advantages and disadvantages click here.

New Steel Drums

As mentioned above, there are four different types of drums with various specifications. Three of them have a common lid with 11 cm in diameter.

The other type of drum has a 17 cm diameter lid which we call Big Lid Drum.

In the table below you can see more detailed specifications of drums.

Bitumen Packaging 

How to find the right bitumen packaging?

After knowing the specifications, you must know about your destination’s regulatory to decide on what package you should purchase. You can also consult with experts in Infinity Galaxy to find your best cargo type.

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