Heat Safety takes centre stage on Heat Awareness Day

Heat Safety takes centre stage on Heat Awareness Day

Heat Safety takes centre stage on Heat Awareness Day

May 31st is National Heat Awareness Day. New innovations, tools, and education from Magid are revolutionizing heat safety! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every day 11 workers are seriously injured or die from heat stress with an average cost of $53,000 per incident.

“Our goal is to improve all aspects of industrial heat safety so this 100% preventable injury becomes a thing of the past,” said Sarah Anderson, Director of Product Management at Magid. “People often fail to realize how damaging heat illness can be to their bodies and how easy it is to avoid.”

For example:

  1. Heat stroke can cause permanent organ damage.
  2. You may not be able to tolerate time in the heat as well (or at all) after a significant heat illness.
  3. Heat illness can happen even on a cloudy, warm day.
  4. Hydration alone will not prevent heat illness.
  5. Heat stroke victims need to be cooled first and transported to the hospital second.
  6. You only have about 30 minutes to prevent long-term damage in a heat stroke incident.

Read more about heat illness and heat stroke here.

Heat Safety Innovations

Last year, Magid took on the challenge to keep people safer in the heat by partnering with cooling textile expert Mission® to launch a revolutionary new line of cooling products in the industrial space:

Magid Cool® Powered by Mission® HydroActive™ Cooling products include cooling bandanas, cooling neck gaiters, cooling towels, and cooling skull caps.  These water-activated proprietary cooling fabrics provide reusable, chemical-free cooling, which cools the fabric to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in less than 60 seconds and stays cool for up to two hours, providing long-lasting relief.

Magid Cool® Powered by Mission® VaporActive™ Cooling products include face masks and neck gaiters that are constructed with a patent-pending wicking process that pulls sweat and heat away from the wearer’s skin and passes it through to the outside of the garment. So the skin-side of the fabric remains dry to the touch, while the outer layer allows moisture to dry through evaporation. This helps the body to remain at a safe temperature by keeping dry and cool.

Education, Information, Free Training and Reminders

Magid’s Safety Matters Resource Center is once again featuring the Summer of Heat Illness Prevention. That includes free training decks, free heat safety reminder posters, and free articles with valuable advice and information to help keep workers safe in hot conditions.

Coming Soon – National Heat Safety Coalition

Coming soon, a partnership between Magid, Mission, and the Korey Stringer Institute will launch the first National Heat Safety Coalition with a goal to develop an Industrial Heat Safety Protocol to eliminate heat-related illness and resulting injuries in the workplace.

Post source : Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Company LLC

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