Doka redefines Construction Site Safety with Xsafe Catch Fan
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Doka redefines Construction Site Safety with Xsafe Catch Fan

Doka redefines Construction Site Safety with Xsafe Catch Fan

With its new Xsafe Catch Fan, Doka is redefining the benchmark for construction site safety. The system impresses as an innovative safety solution and scores with less workforce necessary for assembly and application.

Falling material, tools, or debris are a considerable risk on construction sites. While existing systems on the market require time-consuming assembly, Doka provides a safe, high-quality catch fan system, which can be deployed and re-positioned in just a few simple steps and in significantly reduced time.

Maximum flexibility

Two particularly clever mechanisms are at the heart of Doka’s development. In combination with the innovative suspension of nets, the easy-lock system enables efficient installation via a snap mechanism of the floor shoe: A safety lever swiftly secures the vertical tube of the Xsafe Catch Fan in place; previously, this had to be done by fastening couplers.

With the quick-folding mechanism, the net is folded from the upper slab by simply pulling on a rope.

This now no longer requires two workers working simultaneously on two levels, but only one. Doka’s new folding rope enables the net to be folded by just one user, saving manpower and crane time during re-positioning and cleaning.

All-round winner

The vertical extensions of the Xsafe Catch Fan are specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs: Compared to common round tube-in-tube designs, the square tubes no longer require strenuous hole alignment when securing with bolts. Once assembled on the ground, the Xsafe Catch Fan can easily be lifted as well as quickly re-positioned from floor to floor without adjustment to the vertical extensions.

“With the development of the Xsafe Catch Fan, we identified the potential to provide more safety on construction sites. Customers benefit from efficient and simple workflows, allowing them to focus fully on the essentials of day-to-day construction site operations,” says Thomas Lattacher, Product Manager, Xsafe Catch Fan. The official sales launch of the product will start in September 2022.

Doka redefines Construction Site Safety with Xsafe Catch Fan

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