MPA Group partners with the CEA to offer advice on tax relief for research
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MPA Group partners with the CEA to offer advice on tax relief for research

MPA Group partners with the CEA to offer advice on tax relief for research

The CEA has formed a partnership with The MPA Group to provide help and advice for members on claiming tax relief on their R&D activity. This is because only one in four eligible companies claim the tax relief that is available to them, as they don’t see themselves as undertaking work that can be classified as R&D activity. For example, the HMRC definition includes spending time and money on overcoming technical uncertainties.

The MPA Group are R&D tax relief specialists who have dealt with over 2,740 successful claims, securing over £150 million for their clients. For CEA member companies who think they might benefit from this service, MPA will send an analyst with a background in the construction/engineering industry to visit them, and investigate if there may be grounds for a claim. This initial consultation will be free of charge, and treated confidentially.

CEA’s Market Information Manager, Paul Lyons commented on the new Partnership, he said, “The CEA is delighted to be working with the MPA Group to provide specialist help and advice for members. The new partnership is part of an initiative to support members with additional services.”

“After meeting with Tony Cassidy from MPA in December, we recognise that the best way to achieve this is to work with specialist companies who have the knowledge and expertise in key areas. We hope that our members will make the most of this opportunity to maximise tax relief on their R&D expenditure, by contacting MPA Group for help and advice.” added Paul.

Rob Oliver, Chief Executive, CEA said, “I’ve had conversations with members who have almost stumbled upon R&D tax concessions by accident. Even if you think you have made the most of the opportunity, the free check up from MPA provides the expert eye of a specialist.”

Tony Cassidy, MPA’s Partnership Development consultant, is equally pleased with the new collaboration he said, “It’s a great pleasure to be working with The Construction Equipment Association (CEA). At MPA Group we value partnerships. Offering our extensive expertise in R&D tax credits and Patent Box to our partners allows us to support more innovative businesses in making high value claims.

In partnering with the CEA, our priority is ensuring that members receive an enhanced service, helping them to access the funds they’re entitled to through HMRC concessions.”

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