Mammoet wins ESTA Safety and Innovation awards 
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Mammoet wins ESTA Safety and Innovation awards 

Mammoet wins ESTA Safety and Innovation awards

Mammoet has announced it has won two awards at the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA) Awards of Excellence 2020.

Mammoet won the ‘Safety’ award for its reverse signalling solution, which creates safer reversing conditions when trailer drivers are working with a spotter.

Mammoet then won its second award of the afternoon for the design, build, and debut of its revolutionary technology, Trailer Power Assist (TPA), in the ‘Innovation: end user’ category.

ESTA announced the winners on 24 September 2020 during a virtual ceremony, after the event – originally due to take place six months earlier – was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mammoet wins ESTA Safety and Innovation awards 

Safety ESTA Award

Mammoet won its first award of the afternoon in the ‘safety’ category because of its reverse signalling solution. While reverse alarms have long been a safety feature when trailer drivers are reversing, they can obstruct communication between the driver and their spotter when operating in a noisy environment.

To overcome this challenge, Mammoet’s engineers designed an alarm shutoff button that allows the spotter to turn the reverse alarm off to enable a clearer communication channel with the driver, while simultaneously triggering two flashing orange LED lights on the back of the trailer to warn other operators working near the trailer.

The technology was further enhanced by the development of a one-minute delay into the alarm reset so that the spotter does not have to press the alarm shutoff button each time the driver manoeuvres forwards and then back into reverse, which is often the case when working in confined parameters. Through its reverse signalling device, Mammoet continues to find new and improved answers to traditional industry challenges.

Mammoet wins ESTA Safety and Innovation awards 

Innovation End User ESTA Award

The second ESTA award Mammoet won was for its game-changing TPA technology, which is an alternative to SPMTs and conventional prime movers. The TPA is based on the K25 trailer and consists of six axle lines, with the middle four driven by a 1,000-horsepower hydraulic Power Pack Unit, delivering 40-metric-tons of traction power.

This pulling force removes the need for multi-truck configuration and therefore offers significantly increased manoeuvrability and safety. Furthermore, by removing the requirement for multiple trucks to be used in the same operation, the TPA offers customers and their projects greatly improved sustainability.

The combination of these capabilities and their benefits contributed to Mammoet receiving the ‘Innovation: end user’ award.

Mammoet wins ESTA Safety and Innovation awards 

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