Virtual RElab Demo Day showcased nine innovation start-ups from around the world

Virtual RElab Demo Day showcased nine innovation start-ups from around the world

Virtual RElab Demo Day showcased nine innovation start-ups from around the world

Nine international start-ups from the UK, US, Israel, Turkey, Finland and Spain showcased their innovative solutions in the areas of smart spaces, construction tech, sustainable technologies and future mobility models to an audience of industry leaders and investors.

Demo Day marks the culmination of RElab’s second scale-up programme powered by Goldacre Ventures, a London-based VC firm focusing on the smart built environment that is part of the Noé Group.

The 2020 programme was delivered virtually with the cohort working closely with partners on refining product-market fit and exploring commercial pilot opportunities, as well as benefiting from a range of roundtable and panel events. All the companies also received an initial investment of £100,000 from Goldacre Ventures’ investors.

The programme ran from February through to September 2020, having been extended to account for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. RElab partners included Landsec, Mace, Logifruit, DLA Piper, Canary Wharf Group, BAM Construct UK, DPD UK, White & Case LLP, Centrica, Bird & Bird, Lockton Companies, RSBG Infrastructure, Capreon, JCA Engineering and Knight Frank.

The companies that presented included:

ECOncrete (Israel)

ECOncrete has developed a revolutionary science-based approach to eco-engineering of urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure; providing robust, environmentally sensitive concrete solutions for the ever-growing climate change threats such as rising sea-levels and superstorms.

Massive Analytic (UK)

Massive Analytic has created a suite of products that makes understanding and applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to business as simple and ubiquitous as Microsoft Excel made using spreadsheets. With patents in over 20 countries worldwide, the company has worked on ground-breaking projects with clients including the Ministry of Defence, Amazon, British Gas, TFL and the NHS.

Modulous (UK)

Modulous is developing a digital platform to enable the high-speed design, procurement and delivery of quality, sustainable and affordable homes. Utilising a standardised high-performing kit of parts, an integrated supply chain and third-party assemblers Modulous will deliver homes at scale and pace.

Qualis Flow (UK)

Qualis Flow has developed an internet of things and machine learning solution for the construction industry. Its cloud-based solution measures construction projects’ environmental risks, enabling users to automate environmental data collection, analyse links between site activities and environmental impact data, predict environmental risks, ensure compliance and much more.

Reengen (Turkey)

Reengen has developed an artificial intelligence powered energy management platform used by facility management companies and enterprises to measure, analyse and optimise energy consumption, manage utility bills and enhance sustainability across buildings.

Skyline Robotics (Israel)

Skyline Robotics has developed a Robotics-as-a-Service platform that leverages off-the-shelf components with existing machines (e.g. lifts, cranes, BMU’s) and combines them with proprietary software to create giant robots which can perform dangerous jobs currently done by people.  Skyline’s first product is a window cleaning robot for tall buildings and skyscrapers.

StrongArm Technologies (USA)

StrongArm Technologies helps workers in the logistics, construction, distribution and light manufacturing spaces to reduce injuries and increase their productivity. Their core platform captures and analyses in real time the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and environmental risks through an internet of things device and machine learning algorithms.

VisiLean (Finland)

VisiLean is a cloud-based construction management service that empowers construction teams to efficiently plan and control projects. It provides all stakeholders with an accurate, real-time view of current project status in a simple, visual platform. Customers have reported reductions of up to 60% in defects and improvements of over 40% in project efficiency.

Zeleros (Spain)

Zeleros is developing hyperloop-inspired technology combining the speed of a plane, the convenience of a train and the frequency of an underground system, making long distance journeys faster, more energy-efficient and direct-emissions free.  Zeleros specialises in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of autonomous vehicles that will move inside low pressure tubes with frictionless magnetic levitation reducing aviation & trucking emissions.

Fionnuala Hogan, Founder, RElab, and Managing Director, Goldacre Ventures, said: “Today was our first-ever virtual Demo Day and we were extremely proud to share an exceptional and international group of entrepreneurs innovating in the smart built environment. This year was different because of the measures that we had to put in place as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis and our start-ups and partners did a fantastic job innovating and adapting to this new virtual world.”

David Bloom, Founding Partner of the Noé Group, added: “I am extremely proud of what the Goldacre team has achieved as part of this year’s RElab. Despite the difficulties and major logistical changes, we have adapted quickly and efficiently to put on yet another fantastic RElab programme. We look forward to continuing to work with the cohort as they look to scale their business and expand and grow into new markets.”

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Post source : Goldacre Ventures Limited

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