MB Crusher equipment lends a hand in indoor construction sites
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MB Crusher equipment lends a hand in indoor construction sites

MB Crusher equipment lends a hand in indoor construction sites

Everyone knows how working indoors presents multiple problems: it means facing everyday difficulties such as limited access, manoeuvring in a tight area, extensive coordination of incoming and outgoing trucks, managing materials with little storage areas, and work in respect of Health & Safety regulations.

As a result, the times and costs of labour increase, which puts companies in a difficult position.

However, there are solutions: and embrace them will mean a new way of managing work with excellent results and costs that translates into revenue for the company.

Difficult access and minimal room to manoeuvre are no longer a problem.

The most common problems on job sites located in closed environments are challenging to access and limited space to manoeuvre around.

In quarries, mines, tunnels, and construction sites inside buildings, managing incoming and outgoing materials becomes more and more complex.

MB Crusher’s units have completely revolutionized the approach to enclosed spaces: they enter even the tightest places and carry out the entire procedure to process the materials directly on site. The results are obvious: reducing waste, eliminating transportation costs, and increasing the yard’s profitability.

The entire MB Crusher range is designed to work even in the smallest locations. Each product hooks up to any brand machine, even mini excavators, turning them into a powerful crusher.

MB Crusher’s drum cutters make it even easier to work in enclosed spaces. Companies utilizing MB Crusher’s equipment now independently manage to recover waste materials, reduce costs, and become competitive.

MB Crusher equipment lends a hand in indoor construction sites

Conduct extractions safely and without using explosives.

Another critical point of working in an enclosed space such as quarries and mines is managing explosives safely. Using MB Crusher’s units has changed the methods and the company’s profitability in all of these cases.

For example, a mine in Albania by using explosives to extract iron-nickel had to deal with the high costs and the severe regulations required by the process. None of the operators was aware of an equally effective alternative method. Until the day they added an MB Crusher’s machinery to their fleet. They abandoned the explosives and now extracts material using the MB-R700 drum cutter that they installed on a 9 tons Bobcat 442. Creating a change for the company and also the entire sector. The same unit has been used in many quarries and mines to solve the problems surrounding using explosives to extract materials.

Furthermore, MB Crusher’s drum cutters are the most effective answer. They extracted the necessary material without generating useless and difficult to manage waste. Still, they also avoid extremely dangerous vibrations when they have to work in tunnels under roads, during city excavations, or inside industrial warehouses close to other buildings.

A recent example, a company in Mexico needed to build a rainwater containment tunnel underneath a busy road. A hammer would have created too many vibrations: using MB Crusher’s MB-R500 drum cutter on their mini-excavator solved the job and didn’t generate vibrations or cracks in the walls; they only dug the necessary material.

Immediate operational and economic benefits

MB Crusher’s range of attachments represents a turning point when organizing jobs indoors that become faster and profitably.

Let’s take a job carried out in Italy, in South Tyrol, as an example. Here, they needed to dismantle an industrial warehouse’s flooring and then replace it. By utilizing MB Crusher’s BF120.4 crusher bucket on their Doosan excavator present on site, all of the debris was crushed on-site and used to create the necessary sub-layer for the new flooring.

Easy to install and operate, MB Crusher’s units transform any material into a resource, even in enclosed environments or on construction sites with difficult access. MB Crusher has revolutionized the operational process with their products and turned indoor construction sites into independent operation centres with high performance and great profitability.

MB Crusher equipment lends a hand in indoor construction sites

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