B2W increases estimating speed and accuracy with new API capabilities
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B2W increases estimating speed and accuracy with new API capabilities

B2W increases estimating speed and accuracy with new API capabilities

B2W Software, a leading provider of software for heavy construction, has added API-powered features that automate data transfer to make estimating easier, faster and more accurate.

A new B2W Estimate API (application programming interface) automates connectivity between B2W Software’s flagship estimating application and data sources used to generate estimates. The API also enables a new Production Rate Actuals feature within B2W Estimate, giving estimators streamlined access to current and historical performance data from the field. The information from B2W Track, an application for field tracking and analysis, can be used to improve accuracy of rates applied within current bids to ensure profitability.

APIs connect software and data sources to each other and provide a shared standard for interoperability. B2W Estimate, an enterprise-class application for heavy construction estimating and bidding, features centralized cost data and specialized functionality for creating bids from databases, templates and cost structures.

This approach maximizes accuracy and speed, enabling contractors to spend less time building bids and more time strategically optimizing them.

Live Estimating Connections

“The B2W Estimate API allows our users to create automated connections between the B2W Estimate database and other systems like accounting, bid collection and contact management applications,” explains Pat Reitz, product manager for B2W Estimate. “This eliminates the need to enter the same data in multiple places and ensures that all systems are always up to date with each other.”

Reitz cited automated updating and retrieval of labour rates, equipment rates and burdens as examples of how the API can eliminate the need to search for and enter data. The API can also automatically update pricing and other information from organizations such as vendors and subcontractors and keep job-cost identification codes up to date and in sync between estimating and accounting systems.

Incorporating Actuals from the Field

The new B2W Production Rate Actuals feature gives estimators working within B2W Estimate instant access to actual productivity achieved on active and past jobs. The information is compiled from daily field logs completed with B2W Track.

“With a few clicks, and without leaving the B2W Estimate application, estimators can see what crews actually accomplished for excavating, pipe installation, paving or any other activities across a specified range of jobs,” Reitz explains. “They can then use this valuable intelligence as they formulate the current bid.”

Estimators at companies using B2W Estimate and B2W Track now have the option to search actual production rates by tracking or account IDs. They can filter the search by the date range or status of projects and by other variables. The Production Rate Actuals feature shows them production rates for the projects selected and calculates an average across any combination of projects they select.

B2W Software API Makes Estimating Easier, Faster and More Accurate.
B2W Software API Makes Estimating Easier, Faster and More Accurate.

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