Construction Estimation and Virtual Proposals with CostCertified SaaS Platform

Construction Estimation and Virtual Proposals with CostCertified SaaS Platform

Construction Estimation and Virtual Proposals with CostCertified SaaS Platform

CostCertified, the cutting-edge construction estimation/virtual proposal (SaaS) platform, and Renoworks, an industry leader in visualization and lead generation technology for the home renovation and construction sector, have announced a strategic partnership and mutual reseller agreement.

The partnership calls for the companies to sell a powerful full-spectrum solution for roofing contractors and exterior remodelers, pairing Renoworks’ industry-leading home design visualization software with CostCertified’s technology that modernizes and automates construction workflows. This joint solution will streamline the process of designing and pricing home renovations, saving contractors time and significantly increasing their closing rates while also providing clients with an unmatched digital shopping experience.

CostCertified’s most prominent feature is its patented estimation engine and proposal system, uniquely customized to each client’s unique business. When collaborating with CostCertified’s customer success managers, contractors provide the necessary business elements such as material lists, labor costs, and extraneous price and cost inputs. The engine utilizes these unique inputs to calculate project costs, required labor hours, full material take-off lists, and profit margins for each individual project.

Construction Estimation and Virtual Proposals with CostCertified SaaS Platform

The estimation engine, however, merely scratches the surface of the application’s capabilities. The built-in CRM makes managing clients and projects effortless by utilizing custom APIs and communication pathways. Digital and PDF versions of estimates can be sent directly through the cloud-based platform.

The interactive proposals are dynamic and highly malleable during the initial quoting stage and change-order management alike.

Adjustments can be initiated from either contract or client and require approval from the other party. This removes not only cumbersome back-and-forths but also enables seamless and automatic upselling. The custom API, on the other hand, allows contractors to easily track a client’s interaction with their proposal, which is critical information that keeps the contractor’s finger on the pulse.

Construction Estimation and Virtual Proposals with CostCertified SaaS Platform

“Our integration with Renoworks’ home design visualization is a natural fit with our construction estimating platform,” said Michael Bignold, Founder and CEO of CostCertified. “By combining our solution with Renoworks’ industry-leading visualization technology, we can offer remodelers and roofing contractors a more comprehensive solution that streamlines the design, pricing and quoting process and gives them a competitive edge in the market.

In addition, Renoworks’ vast manufacturing network and digital product library opens up avenues for growth for both companies and ultimately impact all stakeholders in the industry.”

CostCertified Construction Software

Renoworks Software Inc. develops and sells unique digital visualization software and integration solutions for the remodelling and new home construction industry. Renoworks delivers its technology to manufacturers, contractors, builders, and retailers offering solutions to one of the home improvement industry’s most significant challenges: enabling homeowners to review their product selections in a hyper-realistic, virtual environment before committing to purchases and construction.

Renoworks markets its technologies as an innovative engagement, sales, and marketing platform. It generates revenues from five primary business lines: Renoworks Enterprise, Renoworks PRO, Renoworks Design Services, Renoworks FastTrack, and Renoworks API (Application Programming Interface).

“The home design-to-project delivery process between homeowner and contractor remains one of the most lengthy and inefficient processes for home renovation projects today,” said Doug Vickerson, CEO of Renoworks Software. “Lack of project clarity both in design and pricing can delay project completion, increase costs, facilitate miscommunications, and decrease trust – any of which can cause unnecessary frustration among homeowner customers and lost jobs for contractors. Together, Renoworks and CostCertified will work to bring this innovative solution to market and drive adoption among roofing contractors and remodelers looking to improve their project delivery process and provide a better experience for homeowners.”

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