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Ammann’s Plates, Compactors and Plant featured at SaMoTer in Italy
Photo Credit To Ammann Group

Ammann’s Plates, Compactors and Plant featured at SaMoTer in Italy

Ammann’s Rammers, Plates, Compactors and Plant featured at SaMoTer in Italy

Ammann will be showcasing their product line at this year’s SaMoTer building machinery exhibition in Verona, Italy, from 22-25 February 2017.

The family owned company has started in 1869 and Hans-Christian Schneider, the current Ammann CEO, is the sixth generation to run the family business. Over the 150 years of Ammann’s history technology has evolved and now their plant and machinery deliver productivity that wasn’t even dreamed of in 1869.

Ammann has a global reach and expansive product line ranging from small hand-operated vibratory plate compactors to fully assembled asphalt plants. A common thread through all products is the utilisation of technology that helps business owners overcome challenges and ultimately improve their profitability.

Ammann will have both an indoor and outdoor booth to accommodate its varied product offerings. Among the Ammann products on display will be:

APF 1240 Vibratory Plate
APF 1240 Vibratory Plate

ACR 68 and ACR 70 Rammers

Ammann Rammers feature the best forward movement in the industry, helping contractors in all applications work productively and achieve compaction targets. The forward-moving ability makes them the tool of choice for contractors and rental agencies.

The rammers also are so easy to use that operators of all experience levels are able to perform productively. Operators are more comfortable, too, because of the reduced-vibration handles that lessen fatigue and serve as a productivity booster

A patented process enables rammer height to be easily adjusted, another significant operator comfort feature.

The ACR 68 is the rammer of choice for contractors who want compaction power yet also prefer a machine with a petrol engine. The ACR 70 is a diesel rammer for contractors who prefer to have a single fuel type on a jobsite.

APF 1240 and APF 1850 Vibratory Plates

Ammann Vibratory Plate Compactors are ready for any situation. The product line ranges from a light 54 kg to a much heavier 825 kg. There are three vibratory plate lines: Forward moving, reversible and hydrostatic.

The standard guide handle is isolated from vibration to reduce stress on the operator. It also is foldable and removable, a crucial feature when working in confined areas or during transport. A patented low-vibration guide handle that reduces vibration even further is optional on some machines. All Ammann plates are easy to operate.

The APF 1240 features Subaru and Honda engines that run on petrol, while a Yanmar engine is available for those who prefer diesel.

The APF 1850 is considered the “all-around” forward-moving plate. It has size and powerful Honda or Hatz engines that enable quality performances on soil, gravel, paving stones, asphalt and other surfaces.

ASC 130 T3 Soil Compactor
ASC 130 T3 Soil Compactor

ASC 130 D Tier 4i Soil Compactor

The ASC 130 D offers high compaction output and separate hydraulics for each rear wheel for exceptional traction. The soil compactor is compact, stable and manoeuvrable.

The roller provides efficient compaction through the optional ACEforce system, which identifies uncompacted spots. In addition, all measured values can be displayed and evaluated including load-bearing capacity of material, number of passes and frequency/amplitude values.

Options are available that help the roller excel on jobsites where additional traction is required.

ARX 110 T41 Heavy Tandem Roller
ARX 110 T41 Heavy Tandem Roller

ARX 110 Tier 4f Articulated (Heavy) Tandem Roller

The ARX 110 features an articulated joint with oscillation that increases surface coverage and quality. The articulated tandem roller has the ability to operate in crab mode.

Compaction output is high and the system efficient. Each drum has an independent vibratory pump. The roller also features a heavy-duty, two-stage vibrator and easy adjustment of amplitude and frequency.

A single-drive pump makes for easy service and maintenance. The spacious cab’s design provides comfort that helps the operator stay focused and productive throughout the shift.

The optional ACEforce system provides a host of benefits including measurement and documentation, evaluation of material stiffness, and operator guidance.

ARX 12 Light Tandem Roller
ARX 12 Light Tandem Roller

ARX 12, ARX 26 and ARX 45 (Light) Tandem Rollers

Ammann light tandem rollers work flush against curbs and other obstructions and eliminate the need for special edge compaction efforts. Double drive and double vibration are standard and help deliver optimum compaction results.

An electric drive lever makes for smooth starting and stopping and is a popular feature with operators. Other operator benefits include a rubber-mounted platform that limits vibration and an intuitive instrument panel.

The ARX 12 is the smallest ride-on roller in the Ammann lineup. It has a drum width of 820 mm and is very manoeuvrable and easy to transport.

The ARX 26 delivers 47 kN of compaction force yet still works flush to curbs and other obstructions. The roller covers substantial ground with its 1200-mm drum width.

With a weight of 4650 kg, the ARX 45 is the heaviest compact roller in the Ammann product line. The roller is productive, too, with a drum width of 1380 mm and compaction output of 55 kN.

ARP 35 Light Tandem Roller
ARP 35 Light Tandem Roller

ARP 35 and ARP 95 Pivot-Steer Tandem Rollers

The ARP 35 is a light, compact pivot-steer roller that utilises pivot steering to provide manoeuvrability and flexibility.

The roller, with a drum width of 1100 mm, features two smooth, vibrating, hydrostatic-driven steel drums. The roller is light and compact, making it a good fit on jobsites with walls or elevated curbs. The tight turning radius is another productivity boost on tight jobsites.

Helping the operator is the sliding station and machine design, which provide good views to both drum edges.

The larger ARP 95 features a cab design that helps operators see drum edges and surfaces. In addition, the operator’s seat can be rotated 270º and extended beyond the cab frame to further optimise visibility.

The control display is intuitive and moves with the seat to enable easy viewing. Fingertip steering makes the machine operator friendly and productive. The proprietary Ammann compaction systems ACEforce and ACEpro help provide efficiency and quality. The machine has a drum width of 1680 mm.

EmulTEK 4 Emulsion Plant

With a capacity of 4 tons per hour, EmultTEK 4 provides production at a cost-effective price. The bitumen emulsion plant also offers flexibility and works well with varied mix designs and recipes.

The compact dimensions of the EmulTEK 4 make the emulsion plant easy to relocate to new sites. Emulsified bitumen uses include tack coat between binder and wearing courses, prime coats, surface dressing, slurry sealing and micro-surfacing.

ABT 180 Quickbatch Plant
ABT 180 Quickbatch Plant

ABT 140-180 QuickBatch Asphalt-Mixing Plant

The ABT 140-180 QuickBatch plant is engineered for easy, cost-effective transportation and installation while still offering benefits typically associated with stationary facilities.

ABT QuickBatch’s international transporting efficiencies are built around the “container principle” logistics concept. Containers cost less to transport, and the methods for shipping them are more easily available – factors that can generate substantial cost savings, especially if a plant is repeatedly relocated.

Key core components, including dryer/filter units and mixing tower modules, utilise housings that also serve as certified transport containers. The components are built as 20-foot or 40-foot units, the most common container sizes. When it’s time to move, the components are simply loaded onto the transport vehicle. The entire plant is contained in 10 units.

The plant utilises Ammann’s as1 Control System, recognised around the industry for its cost-saving efficiency and user friendliness.

Post source : Ammann Group

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