Quieter Homes Scheme opened to Heathrow neighbours
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Quieter Homes Scheme opened to Heathrow neighbours

Quieter Homes Scheme opened to Heathrow neighbours

  • Heathrow launches bespoke noise insulation free of charge to local homeowners
  • More than 700 residents have been invited to join the programme following a successful pilot scheme.

Residents living close to the airport will be able to upgrade their home’s noise insulation, to create a quieter space, following the launch of Heathrow’s Quieter Homes Scheme this month.

Heathrow has announced that hundreds of homeowners, most affected by aircraft noise, will be offered bespoke noise insulation free of charge. This selection has been based on an assessment by an independent noise appraisal expert. The offer follows a successful pilot programme launched in 2014, running in three zones around Heathrow and chosen, according to the level of noise from the overflight of aircraft.

A total of 708 homes – in addition to the 474 already fitted with soundproofing insulation during the pilot scheme –  will now be eligible to apply.

As well as 100% of the costs, residents will be offered a wider range of products with a choice of suppliers.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Sustainability Director, says: “Our noise insulation programmes are an essential part of our efforts to become a better, quieter neighbour. That is why – in addition to incentivising airlines to use the quietest planes and operate them as quietly as possible –  we are re-opening our Quieter Homes Scheme. We look forward to working closely with the people and communities around us to help improve their quality of life.”

Areas covered by the scheme include North Feltham, Bedfont, Cranford, Colnbrook, Harmondsworth and Stanwell North. Those eligible to take part have already been advised. Once registered, residents will subsequently be contacted to arrange a convenient time to carry out a free, independent noise assessment.

It is estimated that the assessment and fitting of the tailored noise insulation for all the 708 qualifying properties may take up to four years to complete.

In addition, over the coming years, we will be rolling out further noise insulation programmes, as part of delivering on our third runway commitment to provide £700 million of noise insulation covering 160,000 homes.

For further information, local  Heathrow residents are encouraged to contact Heathrow Community Schemes Freephone number on 0800 344844 or email communityschemes@heathrow.com.

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