GKD Technologies unveil new machine control safety systems at Intermat 2018
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GKD Technologies unveil new machine control safety systems at Intermat 2018

GKD Technologies unveil new machine control safety systems at Intermat 2018

UK based, GKD Technologies designs electronic sensor technology and software for use as safety warning devices to protect people, machines and equipment in construction, earth moving and rail industries. The company is using the forthcoming Intermat exhibition (23rd-28th April, Paris) to launch two new electronic safety systems for construction machinery.

Making its European debut at Intermat is the brand-new Sensor Height & Slew system, which has been designed for construction job-sites, where machines, especially excavators are operating in restricted areas and height-confined spaces. The retro-fit system not only safeguards the operator but also prevents potential machine damage – therefore protecting your assets!

GKD’s new Sensor Height & Slew product line offers the ability to monitor and control height, or slew, or a combination of both Height and Slew. Programming of height and slew limits is easily carried out using the new integrated display with soft button controls.

GKD 2RCi with new Virtual Wall function
GKD will use Intermat at the European launch platform for the new Sensor Height & Slew.

The new system monitors height and slew in real-time on the in-cab display monitor. The monitor notifies the machine operator when approaching and breaching a set limit and an external audio alarm is activated when reaching the limit. An optional intelligent motion-cut prevents infringements and allows only safe movement.

The system is easy to set up and operate, helping the operator create a failsafe exclusion zone and allowing them to maximise the capability of their equipment, so they can continue to work safely.

The recently upgraded GKD 2RCi model will also be on display on the stand at Intermat. The 2RCi is a rated capacity indicator designed to increase safety during lifting operations. All lifting equipment and excavators have a specified safe working load, stated by the manufacturer, to safeguard both the operator and the machine.

The 2RCi is a flexible safety system which in its basic form is a simple load indicator – but can easily be configured to incorporate height and slew monitoring. The 2RCi is also available with intelligent motion cut facilities to control the safe movement of height, slew and or load.

In response to changing requirements, especially for Highway construction, this latest version offers the option of a Virtual Wall function.

GKD 2RCi with new Virtual Wall function
The GKD 2RCi now incorporates the option of a Virtual Wall function especially for Highway Construction.

The virtual wall or envelope control function can be programmed to the safe parameters of the machine’s required working area, working in conjunction with the slew and height control – this prevents the excavators boom operating outside its safe-zone. This function increases the usability of the machine and allows for optimization of the ‘working area’. Should the machine approach its pre-set limit an external audible alarm will warn the operator. The optional intelligent motion-cut, if installed, will stop the machine and only allow safe movement.

In addition to the rated capacity indicator functions and the virtual wall, the 2RCI provides added benefits to the user, with digging depth indication, which helps to reduce over-digging of trenches. Height limiting also allows the operator to operate in restricted headroom areas.

The 2RCi uses a compact fully responsive touch-screen display which is operator friendly and less complicated than other load capacity indicators on the market. The 4.3 inch, high brightness LCD touch screen provides the operator with an easy to read graphical interface.

The system also has the option of a data logging function which updates at 1-second intervals – rental companies find this function very useful to monitor their machines.
SensorZone, will also feature on the GKD stand at the Show. SensorZone is a proximity warning system (PWS) that alerts the operator when personnel are in dangerous proximity to the machine – many of the major contractors insist on proximity warning technology being installed on machines working on-site to keep the workplace safe.

The system is designed to reduce the risk of collisions between workers and plant or site vehicles. It operates using radio frequency identification detection (RFID), and provides vibration, audio and visual alerts to warn pedestrians and vehicle operators, when they are in danger of colliding with each other. Active RFID detection systems do not rely on line-of-sight and will detect personnel in spite of obstructions. Unlike passive camera or mirror based systems which require the drivers to continually monitor them the GKD SensorZone leaves the operator free to concentrate on his activities.

GKD New Sensor Height Slew System

All personnel on-site are issued with RFID tags – when the RFID tag wearer enters the detection zone the vehicle operator is alerted that there is an intrusion into the danger zone and takes the appropriate action. The person entering the zone receives warnings via the vibrating Tag, as well as audible and visual warnings mounted on the machine.

Zones can be configured according to machine type and the zones can be set from 2 to 10 metres around the machine.

Individual RFID Tag ID’s for machines and personnel allow data-logging – which helps to understand the behavioural profile of workers and machines on site.

GKD Technik are exhibiting in the British Pavilion, hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association), British Pavilion Hall 6. GKD Technologies are actively seeking overseas distribution partners.

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