Highways England signs deal with contractors to improve road construction times
Photo Credit To Highways England

Highways England signs deal with contractors to improve road construction times

Highways England signs deal with contractors to improve road construction times

Highways England has signed a deal with contractors across the country to enable the company to respond more quickly when motorways and major A roads need to be resurfaced.

With research showing road surface quality continues to be an area of concern with drivers, Highways England is committed to improving journeys. The company has signed up 11 firms who can be called upon when there is a need to resurface roads. The deal could see the company spend up to £3.3bn if it was required.


It means that, over the next 4 years, Highways England can award contracts to address poor road surfaces across England’s motorway and major A roads without having to go through lengthy bidding processes to get the work done.

The arrangement also enables local authorities to utilise the services of the contractors, facilitating greater collaboration.


The framework is broken down into 6 geographical areas with two lots per area:

  1. Major work – where the value of resurfacing element of a scheme is in excess of £1m; and
  2. Renewal work – where the value of resurfacing element of a scheme is estimated at under £1m).

A total of 11 companies have been appointed on the framework, with four suppliers allocated to each geographical area. The suppliers who have successfully been appointed to the framework are:

  • Aggregate Industries UK Ltd
  • Breedon Bow Highways
  • Cemex Construction Services
  • Colas Ltd
  • Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd
  • FM Conway
  • Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd
  • Hanson Contracting
  • Huyton Asphalt Ltd
  • Tarmac Trading Ltd
  • Toppesfield Ltd
Geographical Area Lot Type of Work Suppliers
Yorkshire, Lincolnshire,

Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear, parts of Derbyshire.



*Major Tarmac Trading Ltd

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

7 **Renewals Colas Ltd

Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd


Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire. Location to include A1M – M1, M18, M62,

M180, M181, M606, M621, A1, A19, A57, A61, A63, A64, A160, A168, A180, A616,

A628, A1033 and A631 lower deck of Tinsley viaduct at M1 junction 34.


Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear. Location to include A1(M)/A1, A19, A184, A194(M), A66(M)/A66, A1033 and the A696.

Cambridgeshire, Essex,



Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex

2 *Major Tarmac Trading Ltd

Hanson Contracting

8 **Renewals Breedon Bow Highways

Toppesfield Ltd

Includes: M11 junction 6 to 9.

A1 between A1(M) and Stamford at A43.

M11 from Junction 9 to Junction with A11/A1301/B181 (where motorway ends) at Stumps Cross.

A11 between A14 and A47.

A12(S) between M25 junction 28 and Ipswich.

A12(N) between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. A14 between A142/Exning junction

(junction 37) and Felixstowe.

A47 between Peterborough and Great Yarmouth.

A120(W) Stansted (M11) to Marks Tey (A12). A120(E) Colchester to Harwich.

M1 from junction 6A, St Albans, Hertfordshire to Milton Keynes/Northamptonshire border north of junction 14, including junction 10 to 10a, Luton.

M11 from junction 9, Stump Cross, Essex to Junction 14, Girton Interchange, Cambridgeshire.

A14 from the A45 to Newmarket A1(M) Junction 6 to Junction 10.

A1(M) from junction 6, Welwyn, Hertfordshire to junction 10, Radwell, Bedfordshire. A14 from Thrapston (junction 13), Northamptonshire to A14 Newmarket (junction 37), Suffolk including a 2 mile spur between Alconbury and Huntingdon. A11 from M11 junction 9, Stumps Cross, to A14 Newmarket (junction 36).

A1 from A1(M) junction 10

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire

East Sussex, West Sussex

3 *Major Tarmac Trading Ltd

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

9 **Renewals Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd

FM Conway

Includes: M27, M271 (Total length). M275 (From A27/M27 to Tipner Lane Bridge).

A27 (A27 from Hilsea to the A259 Warblington).

A31 (From Bere Regis to J1 M27 Cadnam).

M3 (From J2 Thorpe to J14 Chilworth).

A3, A3 (M) (From Ockham to Horndean). A303 (From M3 J8 to A338 Parkhouse Cross)

M4 (From J5 Slough to J15 Swindon).

A404 (From A404(M) J9b to M40 Handy Cross).

A404(M) (Total length) A34 (From M3 J9 to M40 J9 Wendlebury) A308M (Total length). M25 at Ockham I/C (Surrey) South to its junction with the A3(M).

M23 from M25 junction.

A23 Sussex.

A27 East and West Sussex.



A21 Sussex and Kent from M25 junction.








M25; and

A282 at Dartford and start M2 Junction 1 M23 between A25 overbridge and M23 Junction 11.

Cornwall, Devon. Bristol, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire 4 *Major Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

Hanson Contracting

10 **Renewals FM Conway Ltd

Cemex Construction Services

includes A30 and the A38 all-purpose trunk roads to the westof M5 junction 31 and the A30 from the M5 junction 29 to the eastern end of the Honiton bypassand the A35 Honiton to Bere Regis.

M4(junction 15 to Second Severn Crossing).

M5 (junction 9 to 31).

M32 (M4 junction 19 to 3).

M48(M4 junction 21 to J2).

M49 (M5 junction 18a to M4 junction 22).

A30/A303 (Honiton toWilts/Hants boundary near A338 junction).

A4 Avonmouth Relief Road.

A4 from London Roadroundabout to junction of A363 (Bathford east of Bath).

A36 (Bath at Bathampton to M27 junction2).

A40 from M5 junction 11 Westwards to Gloucestershire and Hereford-shire boundary nearRoss on Wye.

A46 (M4 junction 18 to A4 east of Bath).

A417-M5 Junction 11A (start of BrockworthBypass) to the junction of the A40 and A38 Zoons Court Roundabout.

Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcester,

Herefordshire and

parts of Gloucestershire and Derbyshire.

5 *Major Tarmac Trading Ltd

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

11 **Renewals Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd

Breedon Bow Highways

Location to include M1 from junction 30 to south of junction 15.

M6 junction 1 to M1 junction 19M45.

M69 between junction 1 and M1 Junction 21.

A1 Blyth in Nottinghamshire to Stamford in Lincolnshire

A5 between Atherstone and Old Stratford,

Milton Keynes A6 Alvaston bypass

A14 between Thrapston and the M1 junction 19,

A38 between Burnaston and the M1 junction 28.

A42 from the M1 to the M42A43 between the M40 junction 10 and M1 junction 15a. A45 between Thrapston and the M1 junction 15.

A46 between Lincoln and M1 junction 21a.

A50 junction 1 to M1 junction 24A, A50/A564 Stoke to Derby Link scheme page for more information.

A52 between the A1 at Barrowby and Spondon, Derby.

A453 between Nottingham and M1 junction 23A.

A5111 from the A52 at Spondon to the A6 Alvaston bypass.

A516 to A38.

A50 from Junction 1 to M1 Junction 24.

A40 Herefordshire. A49 Herefordshire and Shropshire. A5 Warwickshire to Shrewsbury. A458 Shrewsbury. A483 Shrewsbury.

M54 junction 1 to 7.

M50 junction 4 to 8. M5 junction 1 to 9.

M6 junction 1 to 16. A46 (from M5 junction 9 to M6 junction 2). M40 junction 13 to M42 junction 3A.

A500 Staffordshire. A38 Staffordshire. A45 Rugby to Coventry.

M69 (from A46 Walsgrave on Sowe to A5 Hinckley). A50 DBFO. M6 Toll.

A449T between M50 junction 4 and A40; A40T between A449T and Welsh Border (290m West);

A46 between M5 junction 9 and M40 junction 15;

M5 between junction 9 and M6 junction 8;

M42 between

M5 junction 4A to junction 11 (A42); M40 between M42 junction 3A to junction 15; M6 between junctions 1 and 16.

A458 between A5 (Churncote) and Welsh Border (Middletown);

A483 between A5 (Mile End) and Welsh Border (Llanymynech);

A49 between A5 (Shrewsbury) and A40 (Ross-on-Wye);

A45 between M42 junction 6 and A452 (Stonebridge Island);

A45 between A46 (Festival Island) and the M45;

A46 between M6 junction 2 and M40 junction 15;

A446 from Stonebridge island to M6 J4;

A5 between A449 Gailey to B4111 (Mancetter Island);

A449 between N54 junction 2 to A5 Gailey;

A4123 between A4034/A4123 island and M5 J2;

M69 between junction 1 and M6 junction 2;

A50 between A521(including Meir Interchange and Meir Tunnel) to A500;

A500 between 15 and 16; A5148 between A5 Wall island and A38 Swinfen island; A4097 between Dunton Island M6 Toll slip road. A38M slip roads at M6 J6;

A423 from A45 to Peugeot Talbot Island;

A5127 slips roads at M6 J6.

Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria, Lancashire 6 *Major Tarmac Trading Ltd

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

12 **Renewals Colas Ltd

Huyton Asphalt Ltd

Location to include

M6(junction 15 to just north of junction 30).






M62 (A5058 to junction 23).



A55 (junction 36A to M53 junction 12).

A56 (M66 to M65).

A483 (Welshborder to A55).

A494 (A550 to M56).

A550 (Welsh border to M53 junction 5).

A556(M6 junction 19 to M56 junction 7).

A627(M), A663 (A627(M) to A6104) and A5036(A565 to M57).

A74 – M6, M55, A66, A69, A74(M), A585, A590, A595

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Post source : Highways England

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