Tune in to the Leadership Lunch and Learn Webinar from IQ Academy

Tune in to the Leadership Lunch and Learn Webinar from IQ Academy

Tune in to the Leadership Lunch and Learn Webinar from IQ Academy

Empowering people through great leadership is the focus of this month’s ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar from IQ Academy.

The 30-minute webinar is presented by Julian Smallshaw, Head of Educational Development, at the Institute of Quarrying (IQ). It takes place from 12.30-13.00 on Thursday 30th August 2018 and is the eighth in this popular series of webinars organised by IQ Academy.

Julian Smallshaw

Julian says: “The UK quarrying industry is ahead of the game in many areas but over the years one segment of training has been neglected; we haven’t invested the necessary time and resources in developing future leaders.

“That’s not just at the top of companies, but also in the all-important area of supervision. A number of companies are now recognising the value of investing in this area as a driver of business growth and success.

“Encouraging and financing professional qualifications for people working in mineral extraction should be second nature to businesses. Afterall, more knowledgeable employees are more productive, better motivated and more loyal. Plus, investing in education and training is a powerful and tax efficient way of bolstering staff retention and creating an organisation-wide culture of learning and innovation.”

IQ Academy ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinars count towards valuable continuing professional development (CPD). The series of online presentations has been very popular, with hundreds of attendees from across the mineral and extractives industry to date.

IQ Academy ‘Lunch and Learn’ is a compelling series of issues-related seminars delivered by IQ Academy. The next webinars to run are:

  • Creating Wellbeing: Dr Carolyn Yeoman of OCAID Wellbeing Ltd – September 27th
  • Data in the palm of your hand – Mobile, digital and 3D geology: Clive Mitchell of British Geological Survey – October 25th
  • Lunch and Learn with Mark Packham of Mining Surveys (UK) Ltd – November 29th
  • Lunch and Learn with Andy Sales of BDS Marketing Research – December 20th.

For more information and to sign up, visit www.quarrying.org/iq-events.

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Post source : The Institute of Quarrying

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