UK commuters losing the plot over congestion and pothole damage on route to work
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UK commuters losing the plot over congestion and pothole damage on route to work

UK commuters losing the plot over congestion and pothole damage on route to work

More than a quarter of UK adults who commute across a city or town by car (27%) say that on average they spend more than 20 minutes of that commute in slow-moving traffic. That’s according to new research commissioned by technology company, Yotta. The survey also found that 25% of drivers, who on a typical day use a car for their commute, say that their car has been damaged by a pothole during their commute into, or across, a town or city by car.

In addition, 94% of respondents said that when they travelled into, out of, or across a town or city, they didn’t ‘trust’ the digital information about road conditions displayed on bridges and roadside infrastructure to be accurate and up-to-date.

Given all the above challenges, it is perhaps unsurprising that more than half (56%) of survey respondents find the experience of travelling around the town or city in which they live or most regularly visit ‘frustrating’.

Emily See, Senior Consultant, Infrastructure Asset Management at Yotta, said: “Our survey highlights the scales of the challenges and irritations faced by people commuting into and across our towns and cities. Many face delays caused by congestion, concerns about potholes and uncertainty about the accuracy of the digital information the authorities provide to help them on their way.

“The latest technology can help local, regional and urban authorities, working alongside industry leaders, to address these issues and transform the daily commute for many people,” added See. “Asset management platforms that connect systems, assets and people are coming on stream providing key smart city stakeholders with advanced operational insights they need to make decisions that ultimately have the potential to improve the commuting experience for millions of people every day.”

Yotta is a leading, global connected asset management software and services provider. It empowers organisations to make better, more informed decisions by ensuring its customers’ systems, assets and people are connected, and the data they produce is structured and captured to provide operational, as well as strategic insight.

The company’s cloud-based asset management platform, Alloy, equips clients with data visualisation, powerful workflow management tools, enterprise-strength and user-specific capabilities. Connected assets lay the foundation for the future of smart cities and Yotta’s software and services represent a ‘new era’ of connected asset management.

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