Evo-Chev Passive Chevrons installed at Heathrow Airport
Photo Credit To TMP Solutions

Evo-Chev Passive Chevrons installed at Heathrow Airport

Evo-Chev Passive Chevrons installed at Heathrow Airport

A number of Evo-Chev passive chevrons made by TMP Solutions have been installed as part of a road refurbishment scheme near Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport.

Passively safe Evo-Chevs have been installed in a bid to highlight a bend to motorists, further upgrading the safety of the road section.

The Evo-Chev delivers a highly visible chevron traffic sign as well as being passively safe. The Evo-Chev is motorcycle friendly too, and is designed to withstand multiple vehicle impacts from any angle*.

All this means a massive reduction in maintenance costs, as well as less needed time by the roadside for maintenance engineers and improved safety for motorist in the event of a collision.

“The Evo-Chev was perfect for this project and met all the criteria of the design. The relatively shallow foundations made installation quick and reduced the working hazard for the installation team. The fact that components can be easily replaced if the need arises in the future is a great feature too.”

All works were completed in August 2019 by Heathrow’s maintenance contractor as part of a wider scheme that included road resurfacing, new kerbs and additional road signs.

The revolutionary Evo-Chev passive chevron is made by TMP Solutions in the UK.

Evo-Chev Passive Chevrons installed at Heathrow Airport

For details and design specifications please visit their website.

*The idea behind all passively safe products is better safety for the driver, traffic products are not indestructible and it is impossible to guarantee performance in every impact. However, TMP Solutions have carried out scientific and real-world tests in accordance with BS EN 12767 and achieved the highest safety rating of 100:NE:4.

Post source : TMP Solutions

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