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Management traits for positive changes in 2021
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Management traits for positive changes in 2021

Management traits for positive changes in 2021

The year 2021 has been touted as the period of apparent recovery from the Covid-led slump across national economies and the financial markets.

Through the last year, businesses encountered various adverse repercussions of pandemic-induced slowdown following which the organisations had to deploy a range of strategic techniques to keep themselves afloat in the testing times.

From mass layoffs, salary cuts to large-scale rejigs within the organisations; the businesses took every possible step to alleviate the pain of disruption. Other than the modifications at the organisational level, the management incorporated several other steps for the greater good for the commerce and employees working from home.

A renewed managerial approach emerged within the organisations as it became more important to customise the workload according to employee’s lifestyle changes rather than the fundamental skillset.

We will analyse the key management traits that are expected to be implemented in the little over 11-month period of recovery this year.


Open-endedness towards the diversified approaches has been the key as organisations were stuck with unforeseen circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. Flexibility in terms of work culture, deliverables, project management, extended timelines for the completion of assigned duties, increased remote connectivity within the workplace peers and improved manager-to-team member interaction were some of the major changes observed in 2020.

The managerial duties will continue to remain largely the same this year, even with a proactive mindset as there is no meaningful respite from the coronavirus so far, other than the approval on emergency usage of the vaccines.

Most of the full-scale organisations have incorporated flexible working hours ascertaining a set number of tasks to be performed in the given timeframe.

Linking the earnings to the hours deployed by an employee, incentivising the extra hours worked, easing the conventional 9-to-5 working regime to an employee-friendly timeline and keeping a regular tab on employee’s medical emergencies are some of the measures that are being integrated within the organisations.

Intrinsic empathy

Building a healthy rapport while working remotely is likely to be promoted further in the next few months of 2021 as a resilient connection within the members of a particular workplace will lead to improved results. Designing the project deliverables and the key result areas in a manner that can accord a win-win situation for employees and employers, is one of the primary aspects of getting the work done without the lost supervision.

Appraising the employees additionally, over the set monetary part can be significant in improving the efficiencies of the workforce overall.

Conducting worthwhile employee engagement activities, providing adequate time to the employees to recover from mental trauma due to any material loss, showing gratitude towards the efforts put in by the team and other such generous endeavours have proven to be high yielding for the organisation.

Audience-focused dynamism

Strategizing the business objectives and the long-term vision accordingly with the desired requirements of consumers can be momentous for enterprises. This can further strengthen and provide consequential direction to the team members aligned on a project.

For instance, modifying the product portfolio as per the changing dynamics and introducing certain minimalistic additions to the offerings from the health perspective at a time when the world is battling invariably with the aftermath of the pandemic can emerge as historic steps.

Many small-to-large scale enterprises have rejigged their product portfolio as per the recently ingrown variations in the consumers’ psyche regarding safety, cleanliness, quality and long-lasting conventions.

Transparency with the consumers can lead to improved uptake of the products or services as the individuals are already struggling to combat the virus. Moreover, people have become relatively less willing to try out an offering for a second time if the first experience was not as per their expectations.

Post source : Kalkine Pty Ltd

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