Cenex-CAM2021 session will unlock the potential of 5G
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Cenex-CAM2021 session will unlock the potential of 5G

Cenex-CAM2021 session will unlock the potential of 5G

Cenex has announced that the Connected Automated Mobility (CAM2021) event will kick-off on 20 September 2021 with a special online session dedicated to 5G.

Sponsored by uk5g.org, Unlocking The Potential Of 5G will feature presentations from users and organisations at the cutting edge of 5G, followed by a panel Q&A.

The aim of the session is to show the benefits already being delivered by 5G automotive pathfinder projects and identify a roadmap for future uses and implementations.

The featured presentations are:

  • How a 5G Connected and Automated Logistics (CAL) pilot is helping to accelerate the deployment of zero emission automated technologies in the industrial logistics space – Paul Butler, CEO NEAA and 5G CAL Project Lead & Mike Potts, Founder & CEO, StreetDrone
  • How 5G connectivity will revolutionise CAVs: Supporting the test and development of new in-vehicle 5G connectivity use cases – Paul Senior, Dense Air
  • How a city scale 5G testbed is supporting development, growth and mobility in Milton Keynes – Brian Matthews, Head of Transport Innovation, Milton Keynes Council
  • What evidence is there that 5G can contribute to a carbon neutral transport future? Chris Holmes, Programme Director, WM5G

Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex, said: “5G has been heavily promoted as a consumer proposition, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of its potential applications, particularly in industry and transport. 5G has the potential to revolutionise both the way in which vehicles intelligently communicate with each other and the logistics involved in their manufacture. Cenex is very excited to be running such an excellent programme of 5G presentations at CAM2021.”

Cenex-CAM2021 session will unlock the potential of 5G
Robert Driver

Robert Driver, CEO of UK5G, said: “The increased speed, bandwidth and lower latencies enabled by 5G will change both the worlds of work and leisure over the coming years. In particular, there are some fascinating use cases in transport and automation, whether it’s improving the efficiency of roads with dense arrays of sensors, or enabling vehicles to autonomously move around factories during the assembly process. We’re very happy to support CAM2021 in promoting 5G innovations in the auto industry.”

Cenex-CAM2021 session will unlock the potential of 5G
Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes, Programme Director at WM5G, said: “Making public transport more accessible for all to reduce the reliance on private vehicles is a key part of our carbon reduction strategy. Covid-19 has made the choice to use public transport more challenging, with health and safety a major consideration and traveller confidence dented. Monitoring the road and rail infrastructure is also important to ensure that services are efficient, on time and effective. I look forward to discussing how the development of 5G-enabled products will help to deliver a greener future.”

CAM2021 will be a hybrid of virtual and physical elements. Online seminar sessions will be available throughout the event week of Monday 20 to Friday 24 September, while a physical event will take place at UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground, 22 & 23 September. Cenex will be publishing the full seminar programme in due course.

Registration for sessions and events is now open.

To keep up to date with Cenex’s 14th Low Carbon Vehicle event, LCV2021, and its 3rd Connected Automated Mobility Event, CAM2021, visit www.cenex-lcv.co.uk or www.cenex-cam.co.uk, or follow @LCV_event on Twitter.

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