AFL introduces Switchblade™ Collapsible Fibre Containment Vaults
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AFL introduces Switchblade™ Collapsible Fibre Containment Vaults

AFL introduces Switchblade™ Collapsible Fibre Containment Vaults

AFL, an international manufacturer of fibre optic cable, connectivity and equipment, is expanding its FTTx portfolio with the launch of the Switchblade Collapsible Fibre Containment Vault (FCV), a modular underground handhold that stores high density fibre and splices.

With its unique folding design, Switchblade helps to minimize the space requirements for storage, reduces transportation costs, and enables faster installation.

“While the need for bandwidth continues to explode, especially in the FTTH market, the need to work more efficiently must be addressed,” explained James Pototsky, product line manager for AFL. “With Switchblade, a small team can complete multiple installations within one day. Fit one, then on to the next, and the next, and so on. Productivity is multiplied with Switchblade.”

AFL’s Switchblade is completely collapsible and light weight, making it ideal for transporting to worksites and installing. The compactness supports five units per pallet and up to 200 units per truckload. With the ability for just two people to assemble, multiple installations can be completed quickly and turned up. Its flared design provides a high strength to weight ratio minimizing the effects of frost heave and increasing internal volume, making it ideal for higher density products prevalent in today’s market.

Additional features include:

  • Flexibility: Switchblade can be supplied as kits or as component parts to optimize stocking and selection for any given job.
  • Versatility: excavation can take place well in advance of Switchblade delivery and placement, freeing up equipment and skilled operators.
  • Extendibility: the base is 24” with an optional 8” stackable riser. Adding two risers (16”) for a maximum excavation depth of less than four feet exempts OSHA atmospheric testing requirements.

Pototsky continued: “At AFL, we constantly seek ways to support our customers with innovative products that help increase productivity while mitigating costs. Switchblade is the result of seeing an issue at worksites, developing an engineered solution, and addressing the problem.”

The Switchblade FCV-2 can hold up to 3,456F spliced fibres using the Apex® X-2 splice closure with SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) cable, or multiple TITAN® Multiport Terminals on a mounting bracket.

AFL introduces Switchblade™ Collapsible Fibre Containment Vaults

Made in the USA, Switchblade is manufactured with polymer resin, is non-conductive and non-corrosive.

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