Granite sole Distributor of EZ STREET Asphalt in California

Granite sole Distributor of EZ STREET Asphalt in California

Granite sole Distributor of EZ STREET Asphalt in California

Granite has announced that it is now the sole California distributer of EZ STREET® Asphalt, a premium, cold asphalt. EZ STREET represents the next generation of innovation in ambient asphalt technology and has the potential to reduce carbon emissions. Granite also distributes EZ STREET in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

EZ STREET is a polymer modified cold bitumen asphalt guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete. This addition to Granite’s product line will also assist the company in meeting sustainability goals.

For example, EZ STREET’s new “bioblends” mixture uses green fuel substitutes in place of fossil fuels and incorporates other recycled materials. Therefore, distributing this new mix will help Granite meet its environmental goals while helping clients meet their own sustainability and carbon targets one pothole at a time.

Lars Seagren, SVP and co-founder of privately held The EZ STREET Company (Miami, FL), said: “Granite Construction gets it. They see the vision of where this is going. Their people move with a sense of purpose and urgency, and quite frankly, that’s why we are with them. We’ll be pushing each other and leveraging our talents, passion, and core values to grow the daily expanding base of customers throughout all of California.”

“We’re excited to be in a position to be able to use our broad aggregate and asphalt production footprint throughout California to offer our customers the best in class of product and brand,” stated Brian Dowd, Granite SVP and California group manager.

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