John Deere delivers revolutionary hi-tech simulator operator training
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John Deere delivers revolutionary hi-tech simulator operator training

John Deere delivers revolutionary hi-tech simulator operator training

John Deere has a long history of manufacturing high quality machinery, with 175 years of experience starting as a blacksmith making simple farming tools to a hi-tech machinery manufacturer delivering innovative engineering solutions.

Renowned for their farming equipment, John Deere’s heritage also includes heavy construction machinery, which they will be featuring at this year’s ConExpo in Las Vegas.

Operator Training

Equipment operators must seek every opportunity for their Operators to increase machine knowledge, learn safe operating techniques, and discover how to maximize machine productivity. John Deere prides itself on delivering Operator Training that is a cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to train new operators in a risk-free environment.

John Deere Simulator - Crawler Dozer
John Deere Simulator Graphics – Crawler Dozer

John Deere University for Operators

A web-based learning campus, John Deere’s University for Operators hosts affordable online training courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The service uses interactive lessons and on-screen simulations with periodic knowledge checks and post-assessment tests to teach Operators machine knowledge including daily service checks, Start-up and operation, safe operating techniques and how to maximize productivity.

Website: John Deere University for Operators

Instructor-Led Training for Operators

For Instructor led hands-on training under the guidance of John Deere’s specially-trained experts on the appropriate model of equipment can be supported by local John Deere Dealers.

Website: John Deere Instructor led Training

John Deere Simulator
John Deere Simulator

Simulator Training

John Deere’s training simulators are a cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to train new operators in your own risk-free environment, to build both proficiency and confidence. Highly detailed and realistic lessons teach proper operator technique, machine controls, and safe operation in a virtual jobsite.

This customer-driven training features real-world situations, jobsite hazards, safety violations, hand signals, equipment damage, budget-based scoring, and replica machine controls. Safely and effectively train operators while avoiding fuel costs, equipment damage, risk to personnel, machine downtime, weather restrictions, and emissions.

Currently available for both their construction and forestry equipment, simulators are a fantastic and cost-effective way to train Operators efficiently and quickly to a very high standard.

John Deere’s Excavator Operator Training Simulator features eight highly detailed and realistic lessons to teach proper Operator technique using realistic hand and foot controllers. After completing each lesson, Operators receive immediate feedback based on their performance and are scored against a budget and compared to other skilled operators to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Simulator training allows a new operator to become familiar with the machine controls while gaining confidence needed before stepping foot in a real machine.

The simulators are available for different equipment such as Backhoe Loaders, Crawlers, Dozers, Excavator, Forestry Equipment, Motor Graders and Wheel Loaders.

The simulators have been designed to be as generic as possible so they can be used to teach different brands of machinery as well as John Deere.

John Deere Training Simulators sell for US$10,000 to US$20,000 and add-ons are available such as a Universal Motion Platform that takes the training experience to a whole new level with a revolutionary design that adds motion simulation technology to provides a realistic response to every on-screen action. The Motion Platform sells for about US$10,000.

For Crawler Dozers there is an integrated grade control option that simulates the Topcon system to allow the Operator to fully simulate a grading jobsite. The Crawler Dozer Simulator stand and the Integrated Grade Control option sell for about US$6,500.

Website: John Deere Simulators

The Future

It will be exciting to see what new technologies such as virtual reality headsets will bring to the training environment to create hyper realistic and immersive training scenarios.


ConExpo 2017

You can experience Simulator Training at John Deere’s stand at ConExpo in Las Vegas 7-11 March 2017.

With over 38,000 square feet of exhibition space which will be home to 38 machines along with 11 John Deere simulators, the John Deere store, and a global staffed information counter. More than 280 experts will be on hand to connect with attendees and highlight the latest in construction technology. A daily opening program will kick off each day’s events at 10:00 am, and expert interviews will occur throughout the day and be broadcasted on the exhibit’s big screen.

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