Ammann launches a blog for asphalt and concrete plant operators
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Ammann launches a blog for asphalt and concrete plant operators

Ammann launches a blog for asphalt and concrete plant operators

A new blog from Ammann provides valuable insight and tips to asphalt and concrete plant operators.


“The Operator Club Blog is up and running, and we’ve already had very positive feedback from readers,” said Massimo Mezzofanti, Global Marketing & Communications Director. “Ammann is all about providing solutions. We do that every day through technologically advanced and efficient products. Now, we are providing value through this communication tool, which helps operators overcome challenges big and small.”

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Ammann trainers, who author the posts, are current on the latest trends as well as the issues facing the industry.

“The trainers have real-world experience,” Mezzofanti said, “Many have been at their jobs for a number of years.”

The trainers have visited countless plant sites around the world and have seen firsthand the challenges operators face.

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“They’ve also seen the creative solutions operators find – and have witnessed what does and doesn’t work in real life,” Mezzofanti said. “The combination of industry knowledge and on-site, practical experience is what you’ll find in this blog.”

The blog is just one component of the Operator Club, which provides members with training discounts, free admission to VIP events at trade shows and a subscription to the Ammann Customer Magazine – among other benefits. There is no cost to join the club.

Asphalt Mixing Plant with RAP50, Hillhouse Quarry Group

The blog and Operator Club are available through the Ammann website –

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