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Manitou Group developing the handling solutions of the future
Photo Credit To Manitou Group

Manitou Group developing the handling solutions of the future

Manitou Group developing the handling solutions of the future

The Manitou Group, the world’s leading builder of rough-terrain handling equipment, will be at this year’s INTERMAT, the international exhibition for construction and infrastructure. To keep pace with a fast-growing sector, the group develops innovative solutions geared towards increasingly optimized total cost of ownership.

Two new aerial work platforms will be unveiled, and the Gehl RT215 Compact Track Loader is also getting an upgrade with a new hydraulic control system. Visitors to the show will get a sneak preview of two new rough-terrain forklift trucks – the MC 25 and the MC 30 -, emphasizing the innovation that has been the hallmark of these products ever since the first model was launched 60 years ago.

Products on show in a vintage setting

Manitou is going for a decidedly retro stand this year as a tribute to the 60th birthday of its first forklift truck, and will be unveiling a whole host of solutions to meet all possible handling requirements at construction sites. 13 products will be on show, evidencing the complementary nature of the group’s ranges. These will include two new forklift trucks, two new versions of existing aerial work platforms and a rotating telehandler that picked up a prize at the Intermat Innovation Awards. Three compact track and tire loader models made by Gehl and Mustang will also be on show at the group’s stand.

A connected and adapted range of services

To provide our customers with turnkey solutions that will enable them to focus on their core business, the Manitou group is making some changes to its ALL-IN package. The flexible ALL-IN package was launched two years ago and includes the leasing of a machine and all the associated services (customers can choose either a preventive maintenance contract or a preventive and corrective maintenance contract, together with the connected Easy MANAGER solution). This package is designed to cater to the requirements of long leases.

Users can choose a flexible lease of between 12 and 96 months for using their machine for up to 1500 hours per year. This package is available in Germany, the Benelux countries, Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom and covers machines in all Manitou ranges.

The connected Easy MANAGER solution is for managing and monitoring equipment remotely. It is an important tool for managing and optimizing the total cost of ownership of machines. Easy MANAGER is a machine option that is now available for all machines in the construction range. The service can be accessed via the “Manitou Easy MANAGER” smartphone app, and enables users to connect to their machine(s) at any time and from any location. The most recent upgrade to the service includes an API so that Easy MANAGER can send data to any operating system. This way, customers can get all their machine data and then use it with their own management tool.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

Sneak preview: two new rough-terrain forklift trucks!

The Manitou group is using the 60th birthday of its first Manitou forklift truck to give visitors a sneak preview of two new models, emphasizing the way in which its products have continued to undergo innovation ever since they were first created. With respective loading capacities of 2.5 tonnes and 3 tonnes (2.4 tons and 2.9 tons), the MC 25 and MC 30 models have ground clearances of 30 cm (12 inches) – among the highest on the market – making clearing obstacles easy.

There are also 4-wheel-drive versions for negotiating rough and steep terrain. Extremely compact and only 1.45 m wide (4.8 feet), these forklift trucks can be used for easily manoeuvring around works sites – which can often be cluttered. With maximum speeds of 25 km/h (15.5 mph), both the MC 25 and MC 30 models have been certified as roadworthy, so they can be used over long distances. The components can be easily accessed via an engine cover located behind the seat. Users no longer have to raise the whole cabin. This repositioning makes maintenance easier, thus reducing total cost of ownership for both these models.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

The four-wheel-drive buggy version of the MC 25 will be presented at this year’s INTERMAT, which features a max. lifting height of 3.7 m (12.1 feet) (for a mast height of up to 5.5 m or 18 feet) and a turning radius of 3.4 m (11.2 feet). These extremely compact dimensions are useful when maneuvering in cramped locations – the machine’s height is under 2 m (6.6 feet). This low height means that it can easily clear doorways, and perform loading/unloading operations on lower ground floors. The MC 25 is versatile and easy-to-use, making it ideal for numerous applications, such as masonry, building frameworks and cladding, as well as for assembling structures for use at events. This model has also been designed to provide operators with wide visibility: the top of the cabin features a panoramic roof.

There are a total of six models in this new range of MC forklift trucks with loading capacities ranging from 1.8 t to 3 t (1.98 to 3.30 tons), and engine powers of between 26 kW and 36 kW. As Jérémy Gachon-Guérin, Manitou’s forklift truck product manager, points out: “As forerunners on the rough-terrain forklift truck segment, our group has always succeeded in innovating, providing our customers with products designed to meet their needs. These needs change, and that’s why we have expanded our range to include these extremely compact, high-performance models. We have completely rethought their design and made their total cost of ownership even lower – all the arguments we need to shore up our leadership position on this market”.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

Main characteristics of the buggy MC 25 and MC 30:


  • Overall dimensions (metres): 4.19 x 1.45 x 1.99 m (165 x 57 x 78 inches) (L x w x h)
  • Max. capacity: 2.5 tonnes (2.76 tons)
  • Max. lifting height: 5.50 m (216.6 inches)
  • Ground clearance: 30 cm (12 inches)

MC 30

  • Overall dimensions (metres): 4.23 x 1.45 x 2.15 m (166.5 x 57 x 84.6 inches) (L x w x h)
  • Max. capacity: 3.0 tonnes (3.3 tons)
  • Max. lifting height: 5.50 m (216.6 inches)
  • Ground clearance: 30 cm (12 inches)

The range of MI forklift trucks gets overhauled

Forklift trucks in the MI range are now equipped with the same mini-levers as the ones in the ME electric range, meaning greater user comfort. The soundproofing has been completely redesigned, resulting in driving position noise levels being halved (4 dB less than before). Available in 3 ranges for low, medium and heavy loads, their load capacity ranges from 1.5 t to 10 t (1.67 to 11 tons), covering numerous applications. Maximum load height is 6.5 m. Forklift trucks in the MI range are recognized for their versatility both indoors and outdoors, and their flexibility for use with either gas or diesel engines. They are particularly popular among hirers – they have an excellent productivity/investment ratio and it is easy to get up and running with them quickly.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future


The 180 ATJ aerial work platform features a new STAGE V engine

The Manitou group will be presenting the very latest version of its 180 ATJ aerial work platform at INTERMAT. With its new STAGE V engine, the platform no longer requires post-treatment. Its Kubota engine’s fuel consumption has been reduced from 26 kWh (on the previous version) to 19 kWh, while the services it delivers have been improved by the incorporation of a variable flow pump. Fitted with a Stop & Go system and featuring anchoring points that can be easily located for transport, this model has been designed to meet hirers’ requirements and has a particularly low total cost of ownership – 8% lower than the previous version.

The design has also been overhauled: wider wheels mean optimum safety when the platform is moving. According to Samuel Viaud, product manager for aerial work platforms: “Hirers have very high expectations of us. They want the total cost of ownership of their machines to be optimized. So, to give them what they want, we constantly strive to optimize our aerial work platforms to keep pace with the latest engine standards, ensuring that they have increasingly straightforward maintenance requirements”.

A vertical aerial work platform optimized for transport

The 100 VJR is another evolution in our range of aerial work platforms. With a new counterweight and a modified turret fitted with fork blades, the aerial work platform can now be moved by a forklift truck. New anchorage points have been added to the masthead, facilitating slinging operations for transporters. Intended for use when carrying out operations such as maintaining metal roof structures or assembling structures for events, this model is 10 m high and has a maximum loading capacity of 200 kg.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

MRT 2470: an innovative prize-winning products in 2018!

The Manitou group’s most recent rotating telehandler won a prize in January at the Intermat Innovation Awards for its stabilization system and is making its debut at an international show. With an incredible lifting capacity of 7 tonnes (6.9 tons) and a maximum reach of 24 m (945 inches), the MRT 2470 is a high-precision handler that provides users with increased safety during heavyweight handling operations at heights.

Maintenance is also straightforward – users can easily change filters. Its greasing points have been repositioned so that operators can easily locate them. A screen on the dashboard facilitates preventive maintenance: information about when various parts need to be changed is displayed, based on their wear. All of these innovations mean that operators can increase their productivity, while reducing total cost of ownership.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

The RT 215 compact track loader gets an upgrade and the 4200V takes up position

On show for the first time in Europe, Gehl’s compact track loader now has a range of new controls. Hydraulically controlled, the joystick provides operators with greater control over their movements, without affecting what the vehicle can do. With an operating capacity of 975 kg (2150 lbs) and a lifting height of 3.25 m (128 inches), the 72 hp Yanmar engine ensures that the charger can be used for a range of different purposes. Ideal for everything from demolition work to landscaping, this versatile model really is a loader that can be used on all types of terrain.

With a new 120 hp Deutz engine, the Mustang 4200V skid steer loader meets all heavyweight requirements. Launched in 2017, the biggest loader on the market has an operating capacity of 1.9 t (1.87 tons) and a maximum lifting height of 3.65 m (11.98 feet). With a hydraulic flow of 121 L per minute, operators can use the loader for a range of different applications, such as road building or handling operations in ports. Voted the best handling-dedicated machine in 2017 in the US among 100 other models, this loader will most certainly prove extremely popular in Europe in 2018.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

MT 420H: an ultra-compact model for hiring

With a width of less than 1.5 m (59 inches) and a height of under 2 m (79 inches), this telehandler is ideal for cluttered works sites with narrow alleys or home renovations – its turning radius is just under 3 m (118 inches). Designed for a minimum total cost of ownership, this model has particularly low fuel consumption – 4.13 L per hour.

The hydraulic oil needs to be changed every 2000 hours. With intelligently positioned anchoring points that are easy to locate, the MT 420 H can be moved from site to site quickly and easily, increasing contractors’ productivity.

The MT 420 H is being presented for the first time at INTERMAT, and is now available with the mini-loader forks carriage. Available as an option, this forks carriage means that operators do not require a specific carriage for each brand – it is compatible with all Gehl and Manitou attachments.

MT 420 H

  • Overall dimensions: (metres) 3.63 x 1.49 x 1.90 m (143 x 58.7 x 74.8 inches) (L x w x h):
  • Max. capacity: 2 tonnes (1.97 tons)
  • Max. lifting height: 4.30 m (14 feet)
  • Turning radius: 2.98 m (9.8 feet)

MT 1335 HA Easy: compact and high-performance – an essential choice

To show the sheer scope of its range of telehandlers, the Manitou group will also be exhibiting one of its best sellers. The MT 1335 HA Easy has a lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes (3.4 tons) and a maximum lifting height of 12.55 m (41.2 feet), making it the ideal compromise for builders or roofers in search of a compact model that can perform heavyweight handling operations. Its stabilizers keep it safe and ensure that handling operations remain precise – even at significant heights.

With a maximum reach of 8.75 m (20.7 feet) and a total width of 2.28 m (7.5 feet), the MT 1335 can be used with renovation projects. It’s also compatible with a wide range of platforms that can lift up to 1000 kg – large quantities of materials can be transported in one go, avoiding the need to return to ground level multiple times. Fitted with a new more robust engine cover, the air filters on the MT 1335 now only need to be changed every 2000 hours, reducing the machine’s total cost of ownership.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

Innovative attachments for increased productivity

Working alongside its design firm based in Castelfranco (Italy), the Manitou Group has launched “Variowinch” – its new winch. This innovative new attachment features a patented hydraulic motor, significantly increasing the hook’s maximum speed with low loads (speed is three times faster during loading operations and two times faster during unloading operations), while ensuring normal speed at maximum loads – up to 7.2 tonnes (7.1 tons). The Variowinch system requires no acceleration to increase efficiency, keeping noise pollution to a minimum and preventing excessive fuel consumption.

Arnaud Boyer, Vice President for Marketing and Product Development added: “Every year, we work on designing innovative attachments for improving productivity on sites. This new patented winch is the result of close collaboration between our marketing teams and our attachments center based in Castelfranco (Italy)”. Initially available for the 3255 and 2470 models, the Manitou group is intending to make this attachment more widely available for the whole MRT rotating telehandler range.

A new Manitou basket is being launched at the show. Made entirely of aluminum, the 4200/365 model weighs only 180 kg (397 lbs)! With a width of 4.2 m (165 inches), it has a total lifting capacity of 365 kg (805 lbs) – the equivalent of up to 3 people, together with equipment.

Manitou Group is developing the handling solutions of the future

This basket is compatible with all MT telehandlers and MRT rotating telehandlers.

Gehl and Mustang brand machinery now have a new dual-direction leveling bar. With the help of laser sensors, operators can very finely control the bar via a control box and a monitoring box located in the cabin. This simplifies leveling operations on both flat and undulating ground. The attachment can be used with two complementary modules: A sonic tracker module can be used to follow a marker line – such as a buried cable or a pipe. And a slope sensor module can be used to accurately control the bar’s slant so as to follow a predefined slope.

Post source : Manitou Group

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