New app from SANRAL puts South African’s ahead of the flow

New app from SANRAL puts South African’s ahead of the flow

New app from SANRAL puts South African’s ahead of the flow

Commuters on the go now have access to the new SANRAL App that enables them to check and top-up the balances on their electronic toll accounts in real time.

This app helps to make travelling on the SANRAL road network easier and more comfortable and adds value to our account holders, says Vusi Mona, the communications manager of the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd.

“It shows that SANRAL is not going with the flow. It is ahead of the flow,” he says. The app, named SANRAL, can be downloaded for free on all Android and IOS devices.

“It is all about convenience for motorists and contributing to safer and enjoyable journeys,” says Mona. In addition to checking out the status of the user’s toll account it adds information about weather conditions, traffic congestion and incidents on the road ahead to enhance a traveller’s journey.

Screen grabs of the SANRAL app

The SANRAL app is part of the agency’s shift to provide its customers with a personalised experience as it lets users set up their preferences for customised content at the start.

More is on the way as new applications are added. Soon the app will enable users to pay for petrol, renew licence disks or even pay for parking.

“Let the SANRAL app take care of the boring stuff while you enjoy the ride!” says Mona.

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Post source : The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL)

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