SMIE Crane Simulator wowed audiences at Bauma
Photo Credit To SMIE

SMIE Crane Simulator wowed audiences at Bauma

SMIE Crane Simulator wowed audiences at Bauma

SMIE is yet again innovating in the world of crane productivity and safety. As those attending Bauma this year will have seen, the booth is full of new technologies and products. What can’t be missed is the five screen simulator, which is drawing wide acclaim.

Simulators are not new, both physical and digital have been remarkably popular and more widely available over the last 10 years. What makes this product different is the limitless integration with SMIE ProSITE and Smart Jobsite.

On a superficial level SMIE have met the challenge by incorporating five 4K screens, but beyond this, the R&D investment into the product is staggering, from the load sway and crane motion to the physical joysticks and seat.

SMIE Crane Simulator wowed audiences at Bauma
The SMIE team at bauma

As has been the theme from SMIE this year, moving away from just tower cranes to access the wider jobsite market is headlined in this product.

The value brought by Smart Jobsite is now becoming clear to SMIE customers and widely touted by General Contractors as revolutionary. “The alliance between the two companies is going to add real value to our customers” said Jean-Charles Delplace CEO of Smart Jobsite and SMIE.

The simulator uses a virtual environment that is generated by the Smart Jobsite BIM compliant solution. This can allow for real world testing of lift plans, crane layout and even logistic strategies.

SMIE Crane Simulator wowed audiences at Bauma

Kevin Legendre Smart Jobsite CTO added “This product has been developed to meet our customers existing need. To train crane operators on the complexities of working on crowded jobsites. It is important for them to know that their operators are trained on their environments. They need to know where their pickup points are, the hazards, environment and risks.

“By working on this simulator we are able to assure our customers this is the case. The simulator has been put through its paces at Bauma, being an instant hit with those that pass.”

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