Manitou launches new telehandlers and compact loaders
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Manitou launches new telehandlers and compact loaders

Manitou launches new telehandlers and compact loaders

Manitou group, a world leader in rough-terrain handling, launches two new telehandlers and two compact loaders for Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Presented at an event in Thailand before dealers and international journalists, these solutions are a response adapted to the needs of these specific markets, with a total cost of ownership suitable for their users.

A fast-growing market

Due to profound changes in many metropolitan areas, there are numerous transportation infrastructure projects (highways, subways, etc.), along with residential and commercial construction. They contribute to the construction industry’s current economic health throughout the world.

To help with these large-scale works, the Manitou group has broadened its offering with two telehandlers and two compact loaders, to help users increase their productivity. Intelligent, robust solutions optimize the works’ profitability, and the users’ total cost of ownership continuously decreases. These models’ versatility is also a response to the needs of projects in emerging countries, where equipment is sometimes limited.

Manitou launches new telehandlers and compact loaders

New Manitou and Gehl telehandlers

The Manitou MXT 840 and Gehl TX 408 models effectively respond to user needs. They can perform a vast array of jobs, thanks to a very wide range of attachments made for construction, such as forks, buckets, winches and gondolas. Their compatibility with all Gehl and Manitou attachments make their application possibilities all the greater. These telehandlers also allow operators to work very safely at the site.

Kévin Arnou, product manager at Manitou group remarks: “Our ambition is to develop the telehandler market through models that are easy to use, robust and that have a total ownership cost suitable to the local users. The 6 m to 10 m telehandler segment in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific represents a significant part of the telehandler market. It therefore provides a lot of growth leverage for the group. Our choice is also justified by the telehandler equipment needs that are growing significantly in the short and long term due to progressive modernization projects in those regions.”

With a 7.60 m lifting height for a maximum capacity of 4 t, these models are particularly suitable for building construction and easily extend to two stories. Equipped 4-wheel steering, these telehandlers can be controlled in 3 steering modes: 2-wheel steering, 4-wheel steering, or crab mode to make lateral movement easier. With a high ground clearance of 39 cm, the MXT 840 / TX 408 is especially good for crossing difficult terrain. The transmission consists of a torque converter gearbox. In the cab, the controls are intuitive to allow users learn the ropes quickly and gain efficiency on the site.

The Manitou group’s expertise can also be seen in the choice of components, including a very robust chassis and boom that ensure long-term rugged use. These models will be available on the Asian, Middle Eastern and East European markets starting in mid-June 2019 at Manitou and Gehl dealerships.

Manitou launches new telehandlers and compact loaders

Manitou MXT 840 / Gehl TX 408 telehandlers

  • Lifting height: 7.60 m
  • Capacity: 4 t
  • Transmission: Torque converter
  • Power: 95 hp
  • Hydraulic flow rate: 86.4 l/min

Expanded offerings in compact loaders

To go along with his launch, the Manitou group is marketing two Gehl and Manitou group versions of compact loaders. With a large choice of attachments, such as buckets, sweepers and breakers, the Manitou 1340R and Gehl R134 are especially versatile machines. They can do a multitude of jobs on the same site, eliminating the need for different equipment.

Equipped with a 49-hp engine and a torque converter transmission, this model provides a lifting height of 3.58 m for a maximum load capacity of 608 kg. Offering restricted dimensions 1.3 m wide and 1.9 m high. These compact loaders easily move in tight areas on building construction sites. They can also easily enter and leave basements or parking lots, saving movement time and increasing user productivity.

These models are also used for road construction, particularly for filling dump trucks, thanks to their 2.2 m dump height and maintenance of their axles without interrupting traffic, with a turning radius of just 1.75 m.

To ensure safe use, these new loaders comply with the FOPS/ROPS standards and are equipped with a handrail and safety belt. The Manitou group’s expertise can also be seen in the quality of components. With a boom and chassis made of very high-resistance steel, operators can count on a highly durable, reliable loader, even in difficult climactic or environmental conditions. The controls inside the cab are ergonomic to allow the operator to learn the ropes easily and ensuring greater productivity. Maintenance is also optimized with easy access to daily maintenance locations, to speed up recurring inspections.

Philippe Bisson, Manitou group’s development director for the construction line says: “The 600 kg compact loader segment constitutes a significant part of this market’s annual global volume. The R134 / 1340R model is mainly aimed at the Middle East, India and Australia, which together make up more than 70% of the sector. We expect a significant increase in demand for compact loaders, and trends recently observed in other markets, such as gondolas, makes us optimistic about the future of the loader in those regions!”

Manitou launches new telehandlers and compact loaders

Manitou 1340R . Gehl R134 compact loader

  • Lifting height: 3.58 m
  • Capacity: 608 kg
  • Max. dump height: 2.2 m
  • Power: 49 hp
  • Transmission: 145 Nm

With solutions made for emerging markets, the Manitou group hopes to enhance its development in high-potential geographic zones. These robust models assure operators on site of many hours of use. They thus benefit from machines that are versatile, high-performance, easy to control, and offer optimized maintenance thanks to high-quality components.

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