Meet the new Metrac H75 from REFORM
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Meet the new Metrac H75 from REFORM

Meet the new Metrac H75 from REFORM

The REFORM Metrac is a versatile hillside implement carrier that has been used with great success in mountainous and municipal technology for more than 5 decades.

Versatility in every season, extreme slope capability and high economy forms the basis for its lasting popularity.

With the completely redesigned Metrac H75 this success story will continue into the future.

Newly developed driver’s cab for fatigue-free work

The new Metrac H75 has taken a major step into the future in terms of comfort with the newly designed cabin completely mechanically decoupled from other vehicle components, which significantly reduces vibrations.

The low noise level, with 78 DBA with the cabin closed, ensures a pleasant environment and increased comfort in the cockpit.

The new air conditioning system enables automatic temperature control; air is drawn in on the left-hand side of the vehicle, thus reducing dust pollution.

The entry area of ​​an all-glass door has been widened and all-round visibility has been improved. For even more convenience, automated processes for raising and lowering the hoists are refined.

A high-quality digital radio with touchscreen ensures optimal sound and offers all common digital interfaces.

Meet the new Metrac H75 from REFORM

Safety in any terrain

By mounting the engine and cab at the height of the centre of gravity, the Metrac’s slope capability has been further improved.

In addition, the oscillation of the front axle (up to 15 °) always ensures maximum ground contact. The hydrostatic drive enables the continuous adjustment of the driving speed in foot or hand drive mode. The system is supplemented by a Electro-hydraulic spring-loaded brake with autohold function, which enables gentle and jerk-free starting on slopes.

The standard all-wheel drive enables maximum power transmission to the ground thanks to the optimal distribution of the drive forces on both axles. The electro-hydraulically operated 100% differential locks front and rear ensure the best traction in difficult terrain.

The standard all-wheel steering system of the new Metrac H75 enables optimal adaptation to the ground and terrain thanks to 5 types of steering. Front, Rear, all-wheel and crab steering as well as the offset all-wheel steering can be easily switched at the push of a button.

Central control elements

The operation of the new Metrac H75 is impressive, with the ergonomic armrest with the multifunction joystick and the central controller “R-Com”.

The armrest is permanently connected to the driver’s seat and thus enables comfortable and precise work even on extreme slopes. The stepless, hydrostatic drive ensures safety and comfort in every driving situation thanks to the permanent flow of power. The central information display (4.3″ TFT LCD) is attached in the middle and contains 3 analogue displays and 32 control lights.

An additional display can be programmed according to individual requirements and shows hydraulic functions, vehicle status, climate settings and warning messages.

Meet the new Metrac H75 from REFORM

Economy through easy maintenance and efficient engine

When it comes to economic efficiency, the new Metrac H75 scores with free accessibility and simplified maintenance of important vehicle components such as the cooling system, engine and electronics.

In the new cooling concept of the Metrac H75, all the coolers on the side of the vehicle have been integrated into one unit. This ensures optimum accessibility via the side flap, which can be freely pivoted and can also be removed for major maintenance work. In addition, the system scores with the standard reversal of the direction of rotation of the fan and is therefore self-cleaning.

The dismantling of the driver’s cab has also been simplified. The new Metrac H75 is powered by a modern common rail diesel engine from Perkins, which optimally combines power (75 hp) and torque (300 Nm) with low consumption. Classified in emissions level 5, it is factory-fitted with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particle filter (DPF).

Versatility thanks to powerful working hydraulics

The basis for the enormous versatility of the new Metrac H75 is the proven hoist technology with the load-dependent working hydraulics. The electro-hydraulic device relief protects the vehicle
and attachments, the hydraulic vibration damping ensures greater driving comfort and smoother running.

The rotary angle hoist (attachment category 1) creates an enormous lifting force of 1,500 kg. The rear linkage (attachment categories 1 and 2) also has a lifting capacity of 1,500 kg and can be equipped with a quick coupling system. The 3 standardized attachment points of the hoists enable the simple assembly and disassembly of work equipment.

The high efficiency of the electro-hydraulic power-shiftable PTO provides power exactly when it is needed. The automatic start-up control ensures that the front and rear PTOs start up smoothly.

Meet the new Metrac H75 from REFORM

Protection of the environment and soil

The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive ensures optimum efficiency and creates the right balance between required power and consumption.

If less power is required, the driver can also switch to “Eco-Mode”. The working hydraulics for the attachments have a separate oil supply, regulate the oil flow depending on the load case and thus reduce fuel consumption – as do the directly driven PTOs with load limit control.

The optimized all-terrain chassis and the intelligent all-wheel drive system of the new Metrac H75 ensure sufficient traction and ground protection in all situations.

The new REFORM Metrac will be available in spring 2021 in the two equipment variants H75 and H75 pro.

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