7 reasons why you need a professional plumber

7 reasons why you need a professional plumber

7 reasons why you need a professional plumber

Most people are under the impression that they don’t need professional plumbers to fix and maintain their water and pipe leaks. So, even in times of emergencies, they turn to online resources for a quick do-it-yourself fix. 

Some of these attempts may end up okay, temporarily putting the problem to a halt. In other instances, the problem just gets worse. But in both instances, the likelihood of needing professional help from a plumber increases dramatically, considering that quick fixes are mostly only temporary in nature.

For problems involving water leaks, clogged drains, and anything in between, you need a professional plumber to get your pipes and drains working efficiently, like they should. Here are the reasons why you need to restrain yourself from fixing those plumbing problems yourself:   

Professional plumbers fix any types of leaks

A lot of people are guilty of dismissing small leaks until they turn into a more bothersome issue. When there’s water dripping from a closed tap, most people will just put a small basin to catch the water and use them at a later time. 

However, it’s ideal that you call a plumber as early as this stage to prevent problems from exploding, literally. A persistent leak can rust your pipes and taps, as well as damage your flooring. 

Plumbers can fix any problem, whether simple or complex. The earlier a professional can address plumbing issues, the more you can save yourself from longer and more expensive repairs in the future.   

7 reasons why you need a professional plumber

Professional plumbers will address the problem better

Oftentimes, small leaks may be caused by complex and hard-to-find damages on a twin wall drainage pipe and other important parts. But unlike D-I-Y fixes that merely address the issues only from where they can be seen, plumbers can check the whole plumbing and drainage systems to make sure the problem is addressed from the source, preventing the issue from recurring or getting worse. 

Professional plumbers can be relied on in emergencies

Have you ever experienced plumbing emergencies in the middle of the night? With no one to rely on, how do you manage the situation? Well, you can try to fix it yourself and risk damaging your whole water home system, or you can call a professional plumber for a guaranteed fix. 

There are professional plumbers that offer emergency services, as they understand that water and drainage emergencies could happen anytime. So, the next time you’re faced with an uncontrollable gush of water that’s flooding your kitchen, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber.            

Professional plumbers are trained and licensed

Before becoming a professional and skilled plumber, one has to undergo a series of lectures and training, as well as certifications. Moreover, plumbers are required to be familiar with their locality’s plumbing code and rules.     

In most cases, drainage issues and major plumbing repairs involve digging, which may require permits and licenses from local authorities. If you need any of your gas, drainage, and water lines repaired, you need skilled and licensed professionals to do the job. Excavation works need to be done by professionals to ensure that they won’t disrupt any of the underground connections or systems. Plumbers are able to contact the right authorities to get the needed permits and approval, as well as the map of the underground systems located in and around your home, for much safer repair works.  

7 reasons why you need a professional plumber

Professional plumbers offer skilled and safe repairs

There’s one major difference between a D-I-Y fix and a professional repair, and that’s putting safety as a priority. When performing their tasks, plumbers are well-aware of which parts to repair, replace, and how to do all these things in the safest way possible. For instance, damaged water shutoffs and supply lines need to be replaced as soon as possible, as reusing them can cause the problem to recur.         

Plumbers are also familiar with how water and drainage lines work, as well as how to access and repair them properly. Their skills are further honed by countless hours of actually performing repairs in commercial and residential settings.

In some instances, plumbers may need to solder water lines to repair them. Plumbers receive ample training to perform these specialised repair works, so you’re assured that this dangerous undertaking is handled properly. Aside from making the whole repair process safe, a plumber won’t be in a rush to leave as they have to check the finished work first to ensure that everything is in order.     

Professional plumbers help protect your home

Water lines are pressurised, and any problem with these lines can cause further problems down the line, especially when not fixed early enough. For instance, tap leaks from the sink, if left unattended for long periods can damage the flooring and loosen your floor tiles. 

Additionally, plumbers can help prevent mould formations, which can pose health risks to you and your family. Most moulds grow from pipe leaks in the most inconspicuous areas in your home, such as the walls or the basement, as they proliferate in moisture and darkness. Being somehow hidden from view, you won’t notice it until bigger problems crop up. Water absorption and moisture in your home surfaces are potential breeding grounds for bacterial proliferation and mould growth.  

A leaky pipe can also saturate the walls and the spaces around it, eventually damaging the walls and flooring, and causing the structural integrity of your home to weaken. 

Professional plumbers can prevent bigger problems

It’s often said that most of the plumbing problems are caused by D-I-Y repairs that did little to address the problem source. Professional plumbers are trained not only to replace and repair leaking faucets. They’re also trained to perform regular check-ups to ensure that your water lines and drainage systems are in tip-top shape.

Hence, plumbers are not only beneficial when something happens but more so when something hasn’t happened yet. By asking a plumber to maintain and check the soundness of your water and drainage fixture, they can effectively prevent problems from occurring in the first place. They can identify parts that may pose future problems, or suggest ways to remodel your fixtures to ensure efficient water and drainage lines. 

7 reasons why you need a professional plumber

Final Thoughts

As with any home fixture, a proactive approach is needed when it comes managing plumbing and drainage systems. They need to be checked regularly to avoid bigger problems, so don’t wait to see a plumber when something happens. It’d also help to request maintenance services to ensure the structural integrity of your home. 

More importantly, instead of skipping the services of a professional plumber because of the costs, start thinking about how much you can save by getting them to check your water and drainage lines at least once a year.

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