Energi Mine announces latest partnership with EV-port provider Solisco
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Energi Mine announces latest partnership with EV-port provider Solisco

Energi Mine announces latest partnership with EV-port provider Solisco

Energi Mine, the blockchain platform that financially rewards energy-saving behaviour has announced a partnership with Solisco, an electric vehicle charging solutions provider. The partnership will see Solisco work on a variety of projects with Energi Mine, integrating the company’s EnergiTokens (ETK) rewards platform into their commercial and domestic offering.

Solisco offers solar EV-Port solutions for the domestic, commercial and public sector, combining a Solar PV integrated carport with intelligent EV charging points and energy storage systems to create a more holistic approach to the ongoing deployment of charging ports. This highly-engineered port has the capacity to transform an ordinary carpark or domestic property into an innovative ‘energy hub’, catering for the demand imposed on the network by looking at factors such as grid balancing, smart charging, V2G/V2H technologies and renewable energy. The EV product is created in partnership with German and Danish carport manufacturers GEWA and BlueTop, and supported by Solisco’s partnerships with Mennekes, Schneider Electric, EV-Box, Solarwatt and Sonnen.

Parveen Begum, former Tesla Alumnus and CEO of Solisco said: “The ethos behind Solisco is to alleviate the current problem of energy poverty we are currently experiencing. The big energy providers have a strong grip on the marketplace, but with new technology has come new opportunities to weaken that grip by creating alternative energy generation avenues.

Much like how the dominance of the big mobile network providers was eroded by the advent of the internet and systems like Skype, small scale energy generation options have the capacity to do this in the energy sector by participating in an ecosystem that allows them to undercut established energy providers. Our partnership with Energi Mine offers a unique approach to compensating people who have been short-changed by the UK government’s recent reduction of feed in tariffs. Offering ETK as a reward for generating and trading green energy is just one of the avenues we hope to explore with this partnership”

Energi Mine announces latest partnership with EV-port provider Solisco

Energi Mine is using ETK to revolutionise the global energy market through decentralisation and blockchain technology. The ultimate goal is to reduce global energy demand and carbon emissions by creating a system of financial incentives for businesses and consumers to save energy. The partnership with Solisco marks a further expansion of the growing ecosystem of environmentally friendly companies that reward customers with ETK and accept ETK as payment, allowing customers to exchange their tokens for additional environmentally positive goods and services.

This is not Energi Mine’s first engagement in the EV space, it has recently announced several partnerships with organisations including Simply EV – maker of electric car charging equipment, and Electra Vehicles – a UK company that provides commercial vehicle operators with clean, zero-emission solutions for their heavy goods vehicles. The partnership with Solisco is a great foundation for ETK holders to pay for EV charging, Energi Mine are finalising additional partnerships with EV charging manufacturers which will allow the electric car ports to be fully ETK payment enabled.

Energi Mine CEO Omar Rahim said “A vital step in the fight against climate change is providing alternative options of energy generation and storage independent of the established energy companies. This allows consumers the ability to move away from a system that actively encourages selling the most energy possible for the highest possible price. To make this a reality people require financial – as well as ethical – incentivisation to alter their entrenched behavioural practices and our partnership with Solisco seeks to promote exactly this.”

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