Baden-Württemberg set for 18 new diesel engine trains with financing from KfW IPEX-Bank
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Baden-Württemberg set for 18 new diesel engine trains with financing from KfW IPEX-Bank

Baden-Württemberg set for 18 new diesel engine trains with financing from KfW IPEX-Bank

As part of an invitation to tender issued by the Landesanstalt Schienenfahrzeuge Baden-Württemberg (SFBW), KfW IPEX-Bank is financing 18 new diesel multiple units for the regional public rail network.

The financing of €79 million will be repaid within 25 years after the construction phase of the railcars and is covered by a guarantee from the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The Coradia Lint 54 trains made by the French manufacturer Alstom, each with capacity for 150 passengers and 18 bicycles, will be operated from December 2020 on the Zollernalbbahn network
(including the Tübingen – Sigmaringen and Sigmaringen – Hechingen lines).

The Landesanstalt Schienenfahrzeuge Baden-Württemberg (SFBW) was founded by resolution as a public-law institution with legal capacity in March 2015. It is responsible for implementing the
organisational aspects of the railcar financing in the state (BW model) and thus for encouraging competition in regional public rail transport.

Under the scope of the invitation to tender for transport services, the state of Baden-Württemberg offers the railway companies a way to finance the railcars via the Landesanstalt.

The railway companies procure and purchase the necessary railcars from a manufacturer and then sell them to the SFBW. The SFBW thus becomes the owner and leases the trains back to the railway company for operation during the term of the transport contract and monitors the maintenance and repair services. To finance the purchase price of the railcars, the Landesanstalt takes out loans secured by a guarantee by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

With this financing, KfW IPEX-Bank is contributing to promoting regional public rail transport in Baden-Württemberg and, along the way, to supporting the European economy.

Within KfW Group, KfW IPEX-Bank is responsible for international project and export finance. It offers medium and long-term financing to support key export industries, to develop economic and social infrastructure, to fund environmental and climate protection projects and to secure the supply of raw materials. KfW IPEX-Bank operates as a legally independent group subsidiary and is represented in the most important economic and financial centres across the globe.

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