Metawave selects Analog Devices Beamforming Technology for Turbo 5G Repeater
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Metawave selects Analog Devices Beamforming Technology for Turbo 5G Repeater

Metawave selects Analog Devices Beamforming Technology for Turbo 5G Repeater

Metawave today announced that its TURBO 5G repeater is the first platform of its kind to use Analog Devices’ ADMV4828 beamforming chipset. This enables Metawave’s TURBO platform to reach an overall system gain that is unattainable with competing technologies.

Metawave is now licensing TURBO steerable beamforming front-end modules, enabling 5G companies to immediately and affordably expand their offerings to include fully-calibrated and integrated dual-polarized antenna arrays.

“5GmmW is an exciting and necessary next step in the evolution of the communications market,” said Kerem Ok, RF Product Line Director at Analog Devices. “We are encouraged to see continuous development from Metawave in offering a versatile platform with most notably very high range leveraging our ADMV4828 beamforming chipset.”

Millimetre-wave (mmWave) signals provide extremely high bandwidth and propagate shorter distances due to higher losses making it extremely challenging to rollout 5G networks efficiently. Organizations need to install more radios or supplement the deployment with cost-effective repeaters to ensure constant connection.

Metawave offers its passive KLONE reflectors, for indoor and outdoor use, which provide a license-free, no power solution to extend 5G. Metawave’s TURBO repeater is for outdoor use, and offers a low power, lightweight, small footprint, and affordable alternative to installing high volumes of radios. Even more attractive, Metawave’s TURBO all-analogue repeater delivers unmatched range extension and data throughput increase with its 100+ dB overall gain and near-zero signal distortion to accommodate higher modulations.

Metawave selects Analog Devices Beamforming Technology for Turbo 5G Repeater

Metawave TURBO

Metawave is delivering and licensing its state-of-the-art TURBO repeaters and KLONE reflectors to enable faster, more efficient 5G deployments, bringing high-speed connectivity to billions of users as they connect around the world. The fully-calibrated, dual-polarized phased array antennas offer robust, dynamic direction finding over wide-steering angles to lock the beam direction towards the highest 5G radio SNRs while lowering side lobes to maximize gain and avoiding interference over a 1GHz total bandwidth.

The TURBO all-analogue features are supported with greater than 90dB of isolation between uplink and downlink. Customers can purchase or license these fully-calibrated, steerable antenna module designs for their own radios, repeaters, and high-end IoT devices. Moore’s law guided the digital domain over past decades bringing last bits/sec/Hz capacity close to Shannon limit in sub-6GHz 5G wireless links. With interference concern in almost 60 million DoD pops, mmWave 5G is the future if cost and coverage are managed using novel radio expanders such as KLONE and TURBO modules.

“We’ve demonstrated extremely high range gains with our advanced TURBO repeater since integrating with the Analog Devices ADMV4828 chipset,” said Metawave’s CEO and co-founder Maha Achour. “Our KLONE platforms are currently being tested globally and our partners and customers are experiencing great results with our specifically-designed passive reflectors. TURBO, purpose-built for easy installation and outdoor usage, boosts 5G signals much further and even through glass, solving many of the issues organizations face as they deploy 5G in cities, stadiums, and challenging areas.”

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