£10m contract awarded for 13km road to haul steel in Liberia
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£10m contract awarded for 13km road to haul steel in Liberia

Gangra Haul Road Project

UK Contractor – Dawnus International has been awarded its third contract in Liberia for the £10m Gangra Haul Road project for the world’s largest steel manufacturer – ArcelorMittal who is developing three iron ore deposits and a concentrator in the mountains of Nimba County, 300 km northeast of Liberia’s capital, Monrovia.

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The work involves constructing 13km of road through a heavy bush area, along with a 50m bridge across the Dayea River, a 100m bat tunnel, and restoration works which includes replanting 85 hectares of trees and grasses. The road construction will involve major earthworks with cut and fill quantities exceeding 1,000,000 m³ of soil and rock to form the cuttings and embankments. The wearing course pavement will be constructed using stone from a quarry that involves Dawnus drilling, blasting, and processing some 40,000m³ of products.

Challenges will include sedimentation and erosion issues to protect existing watercourses during the bulk earthworks, and flora and fauna protection measures required for both bats and Western Chimpanzees.

The project milestones are important to meet, not only to deliver client demands, but to avoid extending the works into a challenging wet season.

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