Three Washington State airports receive $9.4m US Federal funding
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Three Washington State airports receive $9.4m US Federal funding

Three Washington State airports receive $9.4m US Federal funding

Work to rejuvenate Washington State airports is getting a much-needed lift, thanks to a recent supplemental appropriation provided to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Three Washington airports will receive a share of $9.4 million from the Airport Improvement Program, which helps fund projects that strengthen aviation infrastructure.

Davenport Municipal Airport outside of Spokane, will use $3.5 million for rehabilitation work and to extend the runway. $4.8 million will go to Jefferson County International Airport to improve the runway. Arlington Municipal Airport will see $1.1 million for taxiway rehabilitation with work already underway.

“The timing of this is perfect and fits well into our planned improvements,” said Dave Ryan, Arlington Municipal Airport Manager. “This will also allow us to move forward with the taxiway lighting project at the same time.”

This is the second round of funding from the U.S. Transportation budget – the first round in September 2018 provided Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport $7 million to assist with an ongoing runway construction project.

Three Washington State airports receive $9.4m supplemental appropriation US Federal funding

AIP grants are under the additional supplementary funding authorized by congress for airport infrastructure. Since this addition to the FAA program is 100% funded, it may allow for additional federal discretionary funds and state funding from WSDOT Aviation to go toward other airport infrastructure projects. Airport sponsors should watch for additional supplemental funds as congress makes them available in the future.

More information on the AIP 2018-2020 supplemental appropriation airport grants is available here.

WSDOT’s Airport Aid Grant Program Focuses on Preservation of Airports

Airports are vital to Washington State, fuelling its economy and providing critical links to the state and national transportation system.

WSDOT Aviation has been charged with the general supervision over the Airport Aid Grant Program pursuant to RCW 47.68 in which the program provides crucial financial assistance to public-use airports in the preservation of Washington’s system of airports.

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