EXEED creates M3X proprietary Electric Vehicle Platform
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EXEED creates M3X proprietary Electric Vehicle Platform

EXEED creates M3X proprietary Electric Vehicle Platform

On the basis of inheriting the centurial accumulation of the European automobile industry, EXEED integrates China’s latest intelligent scientific and technological achievements and focuses on the high-end vehicle needs of global consumers, creating a new world-class proprietary platform for EXEED – M3X.

Products equipped with this platform are characterized with four core technical advantages as follows: strong power, extreme safety, leading intelligence and comfortable experience.

In terms of power, by force of the world-class modular construction concept, the M3X platform boasts strong generative capacity and is compatible with various models, such as class A-C car, SUV, CROSS, MPV and new EV. The proprietary platform of EXEED supports the collocation of a variety of powertrain from traditional fuel to hybrid, perfectly balancing the strong power output and extreme fuel economy.

For fuel power, with a maximum power of 192kW, a peak torque of 400N•m and a maximum thermal efficiency of 41%, the 2.0TGDI engine brings the industry-leading strong efficiency. For hybrid power, driven by the first dual motor drive (among Chinese brands), 9 working modes, 11 combined gears, and TSD (two shaft drive), the world-first full-function DHT with hybrid provides consumers with an ultra-smooth driving experience.

In terms of safety, the M3X platform adheres to the highest safety standards and builds a solid and reliable secure base with the support of high-strength integrated cage body structure, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) and 360° all-round safe and intelligent cabin. EXEED’s unique cage body is made of the high-strength thermo-forming steel from BENTELER, a top German supplier. Specifically, high-strength steel plates account for 74% and thermo-forming steel plates account for 11%, and the tensile strength of B-pillar reaches 1600MPa. For the cabin, the wraparound 6-direction airbags integrated in the cabin greatly relieves the impact of the collision for drivers and passengers.

In terms of intelligence, the M3X platform is powered by two intelligent black technologies – Lion Intelligence System and L2.5 Automatic Driving Assistance System. Equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD dashboard and a 12.3-inch central control screen, and with a resolution of 1920*720, EXEED realizes the effect of dual screen linkage when powered on. In addition, with 16 safety functions of the latest ESP 9.3 system of Bosch and 22 peer-leading ADAS such as ACC, BSD and LKA, EXEED is able to effectively ensures the driving safety and make the vehicle a smart partner for drivers.

In terms of comfort, the M3X platform is able to offer high-end luxury driving experience. In addition to adopting the first-class chassis jointly developed with BENTELER, a top chassis supplier, EXEED has carefully improved the driving comfort, and built a quiet cabin controlled by library-level NVH, so that consumers can enjoy a quiet journey at any time.

As a new high-end intelligent brand, EXEED will adhere to the brand spirit of exploration and transcendence, build a new world-class high-quality vehicle based on its proprietary platform, and bring Brazilian consumers a high-end intelligent travel experience exclusive to premium brands.

EXEED creates M3X proprietary Electric Vehicle Platform

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