SACYR to deliver rehabilitation of 324 km road corridor in Peru
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SACYR to deliver rehabilitation of 324 km road corridor in Peru

SACYR to deliver rehabilitation of 324 km road corridor in Peru

Provías has awarded to the consortium Vial Rutas del Cusco 2, a joint venture with Sacyr, Saopse and Sacyr Servicios Conservación subsidiaries for the management and rehabilitation of the 324 km road corridor linking the city of Cusco and the town of Echarate.

The approximate value of this contract is €9 million euros (33 million soles) for a period of three years. The works will improve transport and road safety.

The works and rehabilitation activities that will be carried out will include roadway cleaning, bridges, gutters and culverts, patching of the pavement, repair and replacement of road signs, guardrail and conservation of pavement markings.

More than 1,000 km

With this new contract, Sacyr achieves an important participation in the Peruvian highway road construction market, where it will maintain nearly 1,000 km of roads for around €26 million (100 million soles) over the next three years.

These projects reaffirm the group’s commitment to the development and maintenance of the country’s road infrastructure, contributing their experience, accompanied by the application of innovation in new techniques and processes for a better and efficient conservation of infrastructure with the consequent care of the environment .

Sacyr currently has a staff of more than 2,000 people in Peru, adding value and experience in the 16 contracts it is developing, among which the construction of the Callao-San Marcos Stadium and the Villa María del Triunfo Games Headquarters for the Pan American Games of Lima 2019; and the construction, operation and maintenance of the Concession of the Longitudinal Highway of the Sierra Tramo.

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