Roadflash announces European launch of hazard awareness wrap
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Roadflash announces European launch of hazard awareness wrap

Roadflash announces European launch of hazard awareness wrap

A new brand has entered the automotive market with a range of products designed to keep road users safe in the case of a breakdown – as UK-based Roadflash announces its launch in the market.

Roadflash Limited is a Rood Group Holdings wholly owned company, which has 25 years’ experience worldwide in Height Safety, Lightning Protection, Structural Surveys and Advertising Media works through its various group companies.

Roadflash’s products are designed to create awareness of collision hazards, prevent accidents, and keep motorists safe in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The company’s flagship product is its hazard awareness car wrap – a high visibility adhesive wrap which can be applied to a broken-down vehicle to illuminate it from a distance – directing passing traffic around it to prevent a potential accident.

Roadflash is a new brand in the automotive marketplace and has now launched its online presence, with products available to order directly via its website.

Roadflash announces European launch of hazard awareness wrap

Rood Group is delighted to see the Roadflash name in the public domain following many months of research and development, design and testing – all conducted in the UK. For the Rood Group, the company’s products are a game changer for the safety of road users – as a representative of the company goes on to explain: “We often see vehicles stranded at the side of the road, especially at night, with nothing but hazard warning lights to illuminate them to passing traffic,”

“Roadflash has created a safer scenario for stranded motorists whereby their vehicle is visible from a greater distance, with the emphasis on taking action to change lanes sooner in order to pass safely and avoid potential collisions. This is how the idea for the hazard awareness wrap was born,”

“Alongside the wrap, we’re also launching our Roadflash torch, which has numerous features to assist motorists. The torch comes equipped with warning lights, a siren, a hammer to break glass in an emergency and an implement which allows you to cut a seat belt in the event you become trapped in a vehicle,”

“Roadflash’s mission is hazard awareness, accident prevention – and our wrap and torch will revolutionise the marketplace when it comes to the safety of road users.”

Roadflash announces European launch of hazard awareness wrap

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